Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium: A happy time with Japanese Biggest Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is one of the best aquariums in japan. Many people come from in the world to see it. It is a big aquarium in Japan.

This is not the biggest aquarium, but the whale shark enclosure is the most awesome one. Have a meal at the cafe next to the whale shark tank. Visit the dolphin show also for an entertaining time with the dolphins.

Best Visiting place in Okinawa Aquarim


It is a fantastic visiting in japan. Avoid rainy/ cloudy day, so that you can enjoy Clearwater beach in front of the aquarium. One of the most majestic places we’ve ever been. Everything from the architecture, to the exhibits, to the activities, is educational, interactive, and pure fun.

There is a restaurant or two and the green tea ice cream is delicious. Totally it is a great place in the world. Many of people come from every day to see it.

Best Aquarium


Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is the best definitely amazing Aquarium in the world. It is located at the shark lab after the cafe. It is open to public all day but close between 2:30pm to 5:30pm. So go before or after that.

The HD video of the marine life in Okinawa is also worth watching and audio guides in English, Chinese and Korean are provided 10 min before screening. You can also look at the main tank inside the auditorium before the screening begins.

A hidden gem is the Okinawan Native Village, located a little after the Dolphin exhibit, where you get to walk around and see the inside of how different classes of people used to live on the island. There is recorded info at each hut/house that is also available in the 3 languages.

Great Aquarium japan

Top notch aquarium with their gigantic whale sharks. Besides the aquarium, do see the dolphin feedings.

You can get ringside view of the dolphins and I mean touching distance! Besides the feeding, there is also a dolphin show which is equally enjoyable. Easily, this park can take a whole day!

Great place to walk around

The aquarium is huge with 24″ thickness of glass which you have to pay to get in. So many varieties of fishes you can see.

The manatee, turtle pools, and dolphin shows are all outside of main building, and all are free. There is free shuttle bus goes around different park area.

Beautiful Aquarium

This aquarium offers great underwater viewing including the ability to control the underwater camera. Feeding time is spectacular.

There is also a pool for you to touch the starfish, etc. Don’t miss this one.

lovey Aquariums

I love aquariums and go to one whenever possible. This aquarium was lovely. The habitats as well as the human areas were kept extremely clean.

The wild life looked healthy and had HUGE tanks to swim in.

A nice family trip for a rainy day!”

Very beautiful aquarium with some rare and unique species! Not many places have whale sharks on display! There is a dolphin show and a park (butterfly sanctuary) nearby that will make this a full day trip.

Tickets can be bought in the hotel in advance or in one of the many convenience stores. Can get very crowded but with everyone in Japan being really polite, it’s less of an issue!

“So much to see!”

The Churaumi Aquarium is actually part of the larger Ocean Expo Park with a number of different stops. Some require payment for entry (like the aquarium) while others do not.

There is a dolphin show, turtle tanks, and manatees exhibit that all seemed to be open to the public free of charge. The aquarium is definitely worth the stop though lots of animals.

Highlight is definitely the massive tank with three whale sharks and all kinds of giant manta rays and smaller sharks. It wasn’t incredibly expensive either. Also, the Family Mart at the junction of Rat 114 and 449 has discounted tickets!

Great location

This is worth a visit if you’ve got a lot of time. Located near a very beautiful beach, the aquarium is perfect for a day trip. It’s a bit out of the way if you don’t have a car yourself, so I suggest taking a tour there in order to make it cost-effective.

The aquarium itself didn’t “wow” me as much as others I’ve been to, but perhaps that’s because I went to the Osaka aquarium the week before.

The large tank containing the whale shark, as well as showcasing other shark species and rays, is a great photo op. There’s also a museum/lab showing research on sharks, and a touch pool that allows visitors to “pet” some small sharks.

I’m glad I went, but if you’ve been to other large aquariums in Asia, I’m not sure it would be worth a special trip without some beach time included.

“Decent Aquarium”

Most travelers and tour guides would tell you this is the top place to go in Okinawa. Yes it was a huge attraction with nice views and great collection of sea animals and you would not regret visiting.

However I cannot personally endorse this place as I feel the ‘big’ tanks were still way too small for the sheer number of animals they put in (not to mention the sizes!).

We drove and made the trip up north just to visit the aquarium and Daisekrinzan. Frankly we were a bit disappointed.

If you are from the West coast of US you’d be better off visiting Monterey Bay or Vancouver Aquarium instead. If you’ve never been to any aquarium though, Churaumi should be very impressive to you.

The aquarium has a really nice collection of aquatic animals. The whale sharks are lovely, and the biggest glass wall of their tank is absolutely huge, making for a really nice viewing experience.