Top 10 Buffet Restaurants in Hokkaido

Thinking about the best buffet restaurant in Japan? If so then why don’t you visit the top buffet restaurants serving there! Here is the information for you about 10 buffet restaurants in Hokkaido do you can choose the best for you.

1.Seafood Buffet Restaurant Nanda

At seafood buffet restaurant Nanda, you will find the best quality of shrimps, king crabs, beef, lamb, oyster and a lot more. Besides that, the presentation of foods is outstanding. However all the seafoods are kept frozen hence you will have to wait for hours for the final presentation of food.

Address: 2 Minami 5 Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku | B2F Cyber City Bldg., Sapporo 064-0805, Hokkaido
Location: Asia > Japan > Hokkaido > Sapporo
Phone Number: +81 11-532-7887

2.Seasons buffet restaurant

It is buffet restaurant considered as all-you-can-eat. Here, you must visit to enjoy fresh vegetables. Additionally, you can buy the ingredients of different Hokkaido contract farmers. It is the best family restaurant in Hokkaido. If you visit Hokkaido, never forget to visit Seasons Buffet Restaurant.

Address: 3-7-6 Omagarisaiwaicho | 1F Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kita Hiroshima, Kitahiroshima 061-1278, Hokkaido
Location: Asia > Japan > Hokkaido > Kitahiroshima
Phone Number: +81 11-377-1994

3.Sky J

This restaurant is situated in Hokkaido city having panormic views. The restaurant offers fusion lunch buffet as well as breakfast with a range of Japanese as well as western dishes. The specialty of this restaurant is that only seasonal foods are used into cooking as as to serve you the top quality.

Address: 5-2-5 Kita, Chuo-ku | JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo 35F, Sapporo 060-0005, Hokkaido
Location: Asia > Japan > Hokkaido > Sapporo
Phone Number: +81 11-251-6377

4.Hokkaido Seafood Buffet

At Hokkaido Seafood buffer, you can find the fresh fare where visitors are free to sample all sort of seafood dishes available in the menu. If you are seeking for crave worthy dish then you must visit Hokkaido seafood buffet.

From their menu, you can pick wine, beer or even any many other sorts of beverages.

Address: 15910 Ventura Blvd Ste 101 Encino, CA 91436
Open hours: 11AM–9PM
Phone Number: (818) 990-1488

5. Kinotoya Cafe, Odori Koen

The location of this restaurant is beside Odori park where it is joined with metro underpass. It is the best self-service restaurant. Within this city, it is the most reasonable restaurant while delivering the same quality of food as of others.

Address: 3 Odori Nishi, Chuo-ku | 1F Hokuyo Odori center, Sapporo 060-0042, Hokkaido
Location: Asia > Japan > Hokkaido > Sapporo
Phone Number: +81 11-233-6161

6. The Buffet Daimaru Sapporoten

You will see a number of Japanese folks in this restaurant and this is because, they get the variety of foods even at cheaper prices. However the restaurant doesn’t pay interest on the quality of food items. Mainly, western and Chinese dishes are served here.

Address: 4-7 Kita5jo Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0005, Hokkaido
Location: Asia > Japan > Hokkaido > Sapporo
Phone Number: +81 11-828-1263

7. Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kita Kobushi

The hotel serves more than 70 dishes of both Western-styles plus Japanese food. The Buffet is mainly based on vegetables, and you can see food preparation in the open kitchen.

You can taste different foods ere ; delicious pasta, over-cooked pizza, different flavors of gelato ice cream, and many more.

Address: 172 Utorohigashi – Sharicho, Sharigun – Hokkaido, 099 4355, Japan
Open hours: 3:00pm t 10:00am
Phone:+1 480-624-8744

8.Healthy Buffet Amam

The health buffer Amam serves all sorts of healthy foods and it is situated in the resort spa Mizu no Uta. It is the place where you are served with all-you-can-eat buffet.

As spa is also available there so it shows that the main aim of the hotel is to revitalize the body as well as mind. Maximum oil and salt is used in the preparation of foods in this restaurant.

Address: Shikotsuko Onsen | Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa Mizu no Uta, Chitose 066-0281, Hokkaido
Location: Asia > Japan > Hokkaido > Chitose
Open hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm
Phone Number: +81 123-25-2211

9.Ebi-kani Gassen

This buffet restaurant doesn’t compromise when it comes to the quality, freshness and flavor of the foods. The restaurant offers the best flavor of tea as compared to other restaurants in this area.

In this restaurant, either you taste prawn sushi, salmon sushi or egg sushi, you will definitely get the best taste.

Address: Minami 4 jp Nishi 5 chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 064-0804, Hokkaido
Location: Asia > Japan > Hokkaido > Sapporo
Phone Number: +81 11-210-0411

10.Nagomiya Hitoyo

The most popular dishes in this restaurant are gyoza and miso soup ramen. The seats are available near windows and in the middle, the shared tables are present that in form of square.

Overall, the restaurant is very friendly, nice and even inexpensive.

Address: 4 Minami4-Jonishi Chuo-ku | Suzuran Bldg. Annex 6F, Sapporo 064-0804, Hokkaido
Location: Asia > Japan > Hokkaido > Sapporo
Phone Number: +81 112198577