7 Must-Buy Souvenirs Found at Fukuoka Airport

The Fukuoka Airport is located in Hakata, constantly busy with local and foreign travelers.

This essential air-gate of Kyushu boasts the ridership of 17 million folks a yr with 25 home lines and 17 worldwide strains. Contained in the airport building, there are numerous retailers of native specialties and souvenirs.

1. Hakata Torimon (博多とおりもん)

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A popular traditional Japanese food is the “manju”. Hakata has their own version of the confectionary, named “Hakata Torimon” which is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

“Toorimon” describes the appearance of a person walking in the streets of Hakata, wearing “Western holiday clothes” (dontaku) while playing an instrument.

Fresh cream and butter is included in this Fukuoka-exclusive product, inspired by a Western-styled sweet.

2. HAKATA NO HITO (博多の女)

Translated literally as “Lady of Hakata,” Hakata No Hito is a baumkuchen, a European pastry popular in Japan, but with a twist. The center is filled with red bean jelly.

This bite-sized pastry is perfect for a gift. It’s 40 years in the market proves its success.

3. Hiyoko (ひよ子)

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Another popular gift among tourists is the “Hiyoko,” which translates to “chick”. But it is actually from Fukuoka, and created more than a century ago.

The product uses local ingredients such as Kyushu flour. The smooth outer texture, combined with a delicious white bean filling and a cute appearance, is the secret to its popularity.


The Fukuoka Yame Green Tea Langue De Chat is a popular snack that has green tea flavored chocolate in between thin cookies.

It uses Yame Green Tea, a highly ranked matcha. This alone intrigues tourists.

In fact, for the Japanese Tea Festival, the tea they use has been ranked “Japan’s best tea” for nine years straight.It is definitely worth trying.

5. The Hakata Doll (博多人形)

The Hakata Doll was first created in the 17th-century by Souhichi Masaki, as a present to the Gods. Ever since, the unique process was passed on to generations, and is what we know today.

The beautiful figurines are famous for its uniqueness. It remains popular ever since its origin in the 17th century.

6. Niwaka-men Masks (にわか面)

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Locals wear this Niwaka-me Mask during the Hakata Niwaka, a performance held during festivals. People who wear this comment on current events in a comedic way.

You can see this in the Hakata Dontkau Festival and Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival, held in May and July respectively.

7. Hakata hanami chicken (華味鳥)

“Hanami” refers to flower, usually Cherry Blossoms, watching during the spring.

The Hakata Hanami Chicken however is a snack enjoyed all year, and a famous souvenir. It is known to be very addictive, with a slightly spicy taste.

Fukuoka Airport Information
[Domestic Terminal Building] 778-1, Shimousui, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
[International Terminal Building] 739, Aoki, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

[Domestic Terminal Bldg.]
By Subway: Get off at Fukuoka Kuko station.
[International Terminal Bldg.]
By Subway: Get off at Fukuoka Kuko station –> Exit 1 –> Shuttle bus to the international terminal.

Domestic Terminal Bldg +8192-621-6059
International Terminal Bldg +8192-621-0303