Top 9 Spas in Osaka that Visitors Had Great Experiences

Who doesn’t like a refreshing bath in mineral-rich waters followed by aromatic steam bath? The very thought of a relaxing spa session in Osaka can relieve the tiredness of the day.

So, all those planning to visit Osaka anytime soon should know everything about the top 10 spas in the city. Here are the 10 recommendations.

1. Spa World

Hot spring bathing in one of the best spa centers of Osaka – Spa World – has been re-imagined as a huge theme park. The spa center has been spread over eight floors and features over 20 baths and sauna rooms.

Here, you can enjoy different relaxation techniques, which includes Thai, Japanese, and Swedish massages.

Address: 3-4-24 Ebisu-higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0002, Osaka Prefecture
Phone Number: +81 6-6631-0001
Estimated cost and duration per session: 3 hours pass for adults: 2,400 yen; All day pass for adults: 2,700 yen
Opening Hour: 24/7
Directions: Get off at Doubutsuenmae Station. Take the 5 exit.

2. Natural Hot Spring Naniwanoyu

Relax in a bath of refreshingly hot water in a lovely and traditional looking spa that Natural Hot Spring Naniwanoyu is. Calm yourself and heal your tired body in this amazing spa center that is located inside city of Osaka.

There are different kinds of spring pools available for the visitors, including the one with milk, one with sulphur, and many more.

Address: 1-7-31 Nagaranishi Kita-ku, Osaka 531-0061, Osaka Prefecture
Phone Number: +81 6-6882-4126
Estimated cost and duration per session: 800 yen for adult & 400 yen for children (free admission fee for Osaka Day Pass Holder)
Opening Hour: Mon-Fri 10am to 1am next day; Sat-Sun from 8am
Directions: About 8 min walk north from Hankyu & subway Lines at Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome Station exit #5

3. Spa Suminoe

A visit to Osaka wouldn’t be complete if you do not pay a visit to Spa Suminoe. Located in the South part of Osaka, this spa center covers around 230 square meters of area.

Soak in the indoor baths of Spa Suminoe and enjoy various kinds of sauna and massage facilities.

Address: Osaka, Suminoe Ward, Izumi 1-1-82
Phone Number: +81 6-6685-1126
Estimated cost and duration per session: 650 yen for adult & 320 yen for children
Opening Hour: 10:00 – 26:00 everyday
Directions: Get down at Suminoekōen Station that is about 340m away from the spa.

4. Hanshin Sauna

On the 7th floor of the hotel Hanshin is one of the finest spa centers of Osaka – Hanshin Sauna. Whether you want to enjoy open-air bath or indoor bath, you can get it all in the amazing sauna center of Hanshin.

So, if you are in a mood of nothing but a good massage, you know which place to head to, next time.

Address: 5-6-16 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka 553-0003, Osaka Prefecture
Phone Number: +81 6-6344-1661
Estimated cost and duration per session: Normal bathing fee 2,700 Yen for half an hour
Opening Hours: 10 : 00 ~ 23 : 00
Directions: Get down at “Fukushima Station” eye before the JR Loop Line from Osaka Station (Uchimawari).

5. The Day Spa Osaka

Treat yourself to an invigorating massage at the famous spa center, The Day Spa Osaka. A healing massage is all that you would need from the best in industry masseurs of this spa center.

You can go for a facial massage or a head massage, as per your liking. Apart from this, you can opt for deep body work, foot reflexology, balancing treatment or maternity treatment at The Day Spa Osaka.

Address: 1-8-14 Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku | 2F Kitahama TDS Bldg, Osaka 541-0046, Osaka Prefecture
Phone Number: +81 6-6227-8085
Estimated cost and duration per session: Warm oil head massage would cost around 400 yen (excluding taxes), head spa would cost 8,500 yen (excluding taxes).
Opening Hours: 13:00 – 2:00
Directions: Get down at subway Sakaisuji Line Kitahama Station and take the exit 5. The spa center is just 1-minute walk

6. Cabana

At Cabana, you can take advantage of steam, sauna, gym, tanning machines, Jacuzzi, and everything relaxing.

You can choose from a gamut of body treatments, which includes foot reflexology, facials, massages, as well as body exfoliation.

The best part about visiting Cabana is their expert and highly trained therapists, who will make sure that you enjoy the best treatments.

Address: 2 Chome-3-28 Dotonbori, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Phone: +81 6-7711-8300
Estimated cost and duration per session: 5:00AM – 11:00PM – ¥2,100; 11:00PM – 5:00AM – ¥2,600
Opening Hours: 5:00AM – 11:00PM
Directions: The spa center is accessible easily reachable from Osaka’s downtown area, Namba and Shinsaibashi.

7. Suisyun

Located in the corner of Tsurumi Ryokuchi is an excellent spa center of Osaka, Suisyun. Relaxing in the natural hot springs of Suisyun will provide you the ultimate enjoyment during your holiday.

Open-air bath is equally nice facility, which should be taken advantage of. Other than this, visitors can also make the most of gym facility at Suisyun.

Address: 1-37 Ryokuchikoen, Tsurumi-ku , Osaka 538-0036 , Osaka Prefecture
Phone: +81 6-4257-1126
Estimated cost and duration per session: Opens at 9:00 am – midnight 2:00; 900 yen for bathing and 1700 yen for spa facility.
Opening Hours: 9:30 – 20:30
Directions: Get down at subway Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line and from there Suisyun is just 2-minute walk away.

8. Ikkyu

Enjoy high-quality hot spring bath in the famous spa center of Osaka, i.e. Ikkyu. Get a feel of luxury while enjoying the open-air bath in the wooden setting.

Refreshing scents, spacious interiors, and calm environment will make you feel like you are in a paradise. All you need to do is close your eyes, meditate, and get into another worldly space altogether.

Address: 5-9-31 Torishima, Konohana-ku, Osaka 554-0051, Osaka Prefecture
Phone Number: +81 6-6467-1519
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 2:00
Directions: Within (2 km) of Honnoji

9. Umeda Sauna New Japan

For an intimate spa experience, head nowhere else but to Umeda Sauna New Japan in Osaka. The spa and sauna facilities have been designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere to the visitors, so that they can get a break from the ennui of their lives.

You can get to enjoy various services in the spa center, ranging from use of Jacuzzi to nimble stretching and body massages at a single place.

Address: 9-5 Doyama-cho, Kita-ku | New Japan Bdg B1F, Osaka 530-0027, Osaka Prefecture
Phone Number: +81 6-6312-0610
Estimated cost and duration per session: A 45 minute massage would cost you around 3,800 yen.
Opening Hours: 24/7
Directions: The spa center is 10-minute walk from Higashi Umeda Station.