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Sarah Snyder visited the Cat Cat Cat Temple in Japan

Sarah Snyder visited to Cat Cat Cat Temple in Japan

Who is Sarah Snyder?

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Sarah Snyder is an American model and the ex-girlfriend of Jaden Smith. She has been the central focus in New York Fashion week and other related shows. There are even some rumors that she likes to wear black, as it is her lucky color!

She was born in New York in 1995 and later moved to California to pursue her career. As a model, she has traveled all over the world with her co-models, friends, and family. The one thing that her fans like the most about her are the pictures she posts on her social media account. She regularly posts images on social media such as Pinterest and Twitter to connect with her fans and loved ones. This actress owns properties with a net worth of $400 even at this young age!

Her performances in Hollywood films such as ‘Skeleton Key 2: 667 Neighbor of the Beast’ was awesome. She had played a horror role in the movie and it’s worth watching!

Sarah Snyder’s comment on Japan?

Well, no one dislikes Japan for its traditional and cultural values along with the scenic beauty. But what does this American say about Japan? After her visit to Japan, she opens up that she wishes to be in Japan more often. She landed there for a business launch and later she stayed there for over a month. Meantime, she had been posting various pictures that she took there with a saying that “I like Japan pretty much!” This statement indulged a feeling of visiting Japan at least once in their life, among her fans. Besides her New York announcement event that took place in Japan, she had a wonderful time there.

Tokyo is a small city with a land equivalent of just half of Texas, the place has a massive growth when it comes to technology! Every one appreciates the tremendous awakening among the public after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts! No one would even believe that such blasts had ever taken place there in the country!

Sarah Snyder at the Cat Cat Cat Temple in Japan

Sarah Snyder
Sarah Snyder just as with every other visitor, ventured out to the cat cat cat temple during her visit to Japan. Soon after she got into the spot, she could find an extraordinary beauty within the place. But still, she couldn’t identify what’s special about the cat cat cat temple of Japan! The place by itself is filled with beauty and peace. The temple is also surrounded by small shops that sell frames of the cat cat cat temple.

What’s there in Cat Cat Cat Temple?

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The Cat Cat Cat Temple is called as Gotokuji and it is located in Setagaya Ward of Tokyo. Though the city is full of hustle and bustle, this Cat Cat Cat Temple is a quiet place. It is just 15 minutes walk away from the crowded roads, and railway tracks of Tokyo.

The whitish and pinkish cat-like statues are everywhere in the temple and that’s the specialty of this place. The entrance is simpler with just an older style gate. It is filled with lovely flowers during the spring season. The brown trees with lush green leaves give enough shades to its visitors. The cats are all arranged in rows on stacks around the corner of the temple. Though they are all statues, one can feel that they are the real ones just by looking at them. The charming cats with one-hand above their heads present a uniform look in our photographs.


Cats are loved by almost everyone for their cuteness and calm nature. Such a place is this Cat cat cat temple filled with blossoming flowers and charming cats everywhere. Though the cats are just statues, no one would believe that they are! A few of them wear bells on their neckline whereas few others are bumping on one another. Just add it to your must-visit places list!