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Michael Fassbender visited Nagano Japan

Michael Fassbender visited to Nagano in Japan

Who is Michael Fassbender?

Michael Fassbender
He is an Irish actor who was born in Germany. He had also performed many starring roles in televisions including Band of Brothers and Hex. Those programs were massive hits and he had also performed lead roles in many films. He had won the British Independent Award for his role in the film Hunger. His performances in X-Men and Apocalypse were awesome ones! His performance in the movie Shame had taken him as a nominee for BAFTA and the Golden Globe awards. He is married to the actress Alicia Vikander and his fans feel that they are one of the perfect couples. The ever charming and handsome actor has got a cute smile and he never fails to throw it off in front of his fans. His fans say that his smile is one of the reasons for his pinnacle of success. Before he was an actor he had worked for Dell computers and various other companies.

Why did he visit Nagano?


Nagano is in the Chubu region of Japan and it is the capital of Nagano prefecture. It has many beautiful spots including the Buddhist temple, Zenko-ji. It is considered to be one of the oldest temples of Japan and it was constructed in such a manner that peace automatically surrounds the place.

Michael Fassbender once had a chance to visit this Nagano city and later he realized that it was one of his most adventures holidays that he had spent ever in his life! He had also shared some pictures that he had taken there, in the Pinterest and those photographs reveal the scenic beauty to his fans. Comments were continued to overflow his Pinterest page and he adds that Nagano deserves all those!

The greenish trees, whitish clouds, and the traditional Japanese temples make Nagano a place to be worth visiting! So next time when you visit Japan, enjoy the peaceful scenic beauty of Nagano along with its cultural values. We all knew that Japan is a place where the people pay more attention to their traditional customs and practices and so is the case with Nagano too!

Nagano – what kind of place it is?

Well, we have been discussing Nagano from the start of this article but what makes it a peculiar and a must to visit place in Japan? There are plenty of reasons but here let’s list out few. This Nagano was the first city of Nagano prefecture and it is considered to be the 43rd city of Japan. It has its neighboring cities such as Yoshida and villages such as Miwa, Sarita, and Kodak. In an effort to research this city, we have found a ton of pictures on Pinterest and amazingly all those were stunning! One such was actually a rock with a sculpture saying that “Use your head.” Then we have realized that those people not only concentrated in constructing buildings but they had also used natural elements such as rocks and trees in raising the Nagano city.

What similar places one can find?


Japan is both traditional as well as modern in its conception. Yes, one can see the art of karaoke as well as Pikachu in Japan. It has few beautiful spots in the world and they are really equivalent to Nagano in their scenic beauty. The lush landscapes, tall buildings, and colorful gardens make Japan a heavenly place. The Kawachi Fujien wisteria garden in Kitakyushu is a must see place in spring. The place is open only when flowers blossom in its garden. The Takeda Castle – Asago of Hyogo Prefecture is all surrounded by clouds and it is a magical moment for those who camp there for sunrise. Take a hot coffee by watching the clouds as it is amazing!


We started with the visit of Michael Fassbender to Nagano but later one could identify that everyone should visit this place as it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world! The temples with peace and harmony could bring a special feeling in each one of us!