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Why does Steve Jobs like Issey Miyake’s Turtle Neck?

Why did Steve Jobs like Issey Miyake?

Who is Steve Jobs?

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Steve Jobs is an Entrepreneur and Industrial Designer of America. One cannot forget the innovation done by Apple Inc., in the digital electronics industry and this man is the backbone of Apple. Yes, he is the CEO, chairman and the co-founder of the leading electronics brand. The highly technical personal computers were the result of Apple’s research team and they still, lead the production of such computers. He was extremely interested in learning the Zen Buddhism concepts and practicing them. The “think different” advertising campaign was a massive reach among the public and it helped boost up Apple’s revenue. This concept was the idea of Steve Jobs along with Jonathan Ive. The ideal brain meets the designer to deliver a great impact on their business through the Think Different campaign.

Costumes of Steve Jobs

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One of the favorite clothing brands of Apple Co-founder, Steve Jobs is Issey Miyake’s turtleneck shirts. He had ordered more than hundreds of such turtleneck shirts from him while made that a uniform of his employees. He says that he has enough of such Issey Miyake to be worn for the rest of his life. The corporate uniform was first worn by the boss and then to be followed by the employees.

Soon after Steve Job’s death, the Minnesota Clothing company which manufactures the black turtleneck shirts claimed that the sales of such shirts were doubled. The company also donated $20 per every sale of the Issey Miyake shirt. That revealed the great spirit of the team to help the needy.

Many authors including Walter Isaacson had written biographies of Steve Jobs portraying his genuine character and efforts towards his company.

Why does he like Issey Miyake’s Turtle Neck?

Walter Isaacson in his book titled Steve Jobs had written that he had shown him more than 100 pieces of black turtleneck shirts neatly packed in his closet.

He also added that that’s enough for the rest of his life! Walter says that the moment he saw Steve’s closet, he could realize that he was fond of Issey Miyake!

We may wonder why this man had such a passion for those black shirts? Well, only those who had worn it would come to know the great level of comfort that it renders to his boss!

Yes, those turtleneck shirts are designed in such a manner that it looks fantastic outside and soft inside.

The turtleneck shirts and 501 jeans were his attire till his passing. So many people had even asked him why he wears only those shirts and jeans? His only reply was “it’s just cool.”

What’s Special about Issey Miyake?

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The brand Issey Miyake was first launched in 1971 in New York City. Later in 1973, it had shown its collections in the Paris Fashion Week. Its concept was “a piece of cloth” and the brand was specialized in making cloths of style intermediate between the East and the West. The team excels in manufacturing clothes with Japanese technology and contemporary designs.

The lead designer Oshiyuki Miyamae is always keen on the materials used to make their fabrics. Their success is purely dependent on the vast count of creative individuals and innovative techniques followed in the clothing industry.

The brand also excels in making clothing for men and women individually. Their stretchable materials are world famous ones and people would love to recommend it to others as well.


Steve Jobs was a man of innovation in technology and a person with a love for black turtleneck shirts. His extraordinary clothing sense merges with his company, the Apple Inc., and hence he makes Issey Miyake shirts as a uniform for his staff members. No one would dislike this genuine man at least for his technical interest and a fabulous dressing sense.

Even the passing of this man earned millions of dollars for the poor and needy by the doubling the sale of black turtleneck shirts!