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Matthew James Bellamy likes to eat Yuzu pepper

Matthew James Bellamy like to eat Yuzu pepper

Who is Matthew James Bellamy?

Matthew James Bellamy
Matthew James Bellamy is a multitalented person with the skills of guitarist, pianist, vocalist and a songwriter altogether. It is very unique to meet such a man who excels in a variety of fields and yes, he is such a man! He is known for the usage of arpeggiator and pitch-shift effects for more electronic effects in his performances! He plays classical harmonics, especially, that of the Spanish and Latin guitar. He has received two Grammy awards, one for the album “The Resistance and Drones.” He has also won the MTV Europe music awards five times and 20 million copies of his albums were sold worldwide. He is also the recipient of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors award. His list of awards is really huge and they, in fact, depict his actual talent.

Why he likes to eat Yuzu Pepper?

Yuzu is a Japanese fruit and it is added to almost every dish as a seasoning. It goes well with a lot of Japanese recipes and the same is prepared as paste too. The Japanese chefs mix Yuzu with chilies and salt drops to deliver a fantastic taste on every dish that they prepare. The Yuzu Pepper makes soup, ramen, fish, and even desserts as tastier ones by just adding a tad bit of it. Yuzu Kosho is another Japanese condiment prepared from bird eye chilies and fermented with yuzu juice. This juice has the fragrance of a citrus fruit and it delivers a superb flavor to the recipe. Even the Japanese cookies and Sashimi is seasoned with this Suzu pepper for a peculiar taste!

If you ever get a chance to visit Japan, do try this sour fruit seasoning with what you eat there!

Nutritional values of Yuzu Pepper

Yuzu Pepper adds pop to the actual taste of any recipe that you prepare. The citrus flavor awakens ones taste buds and he or she cannot stop having it again! Yuzu gets its fresh aroma from yuzunone and it is mainly present in its outer peel. The bright yellow color is clear in its juice too. Yuzu Pepper is extremely diet friendly and it is rich in Vitamin C and potassium. Whenever you get a chance to squeeze it, try squeezing in the upward direction, so that the yuzunone in the skin comes into the juice as well. Though it has lesser appetite satisfaction, the sour taste energizes your body and mind. It is rich in water and almost only water of about 92%.

Whenever you feel thirsty, just take a cup of water with juice of yuzu pepper, and certainly, you would feel cool. Not only that, this yuzu is also refreshing in nature.

Matthew James Bellamy’s crazy factory visit

Matthew James Bellamy loves this yuzu pepper for many reasons! The juice of the fruit is stored in bottles as it is supplied by many manufacturers. Out of immense curiosity, Matthew James Bellamy wanted to know how the fruit is squeezed and made into bottles of juice. His fans say that he had visited a factory that makes yuzu pepper and there are even rumors that he tried making it by himself.

Whatever the rumors may be, but his visit to such a factory is true. On hearing this news, his fans would definitely feel like focusing on such a squeeze process!


Matthew James Bellamy, popularly called Matt Bellamy, is a born genius with a list of talents! He visits Japan for stage performances and such journeys had developed a bond with yuzu pepper, a condiment for Japanese food! The fresh aroma, clear composition, and the sour taste make him feel extra special and refreshed. He had also visited a factory that prepares yuzu pepper so that it helps him to know what’s there in it! He had come to a conclusion that the vitamin C in yuzu pepper is making him energized and to feel the real taste of the food!