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Freddie Mercury craze for Imariyaki

Freddie Mercury craze for imariyaki?

What is Imariyaki?

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The term Imariyaki has got various other names such as Imari ware or Artia ware is a very popular household item from Japan. The Japanese used to serve their traditional dishes like Sushi and gyu-don in this imariyaki. It was originally made in the place called Artia and is explored to other parts of the world through the port at Artia. As it was manufactured and exported at the place called Artia, these items had got the same name. Even today, travelers and tourist who visits Japan fondly buy these Imariyaki as a remembrance! Many celebrities including Freddie Mercury have the habit of collecting these Imari ware. The Imari ware manufactured at Artia forms one of the primary business opportunities of the Japanese Porcelain industry.

Exported to other countries!

Although the Imari ware was well sold in and around Japan, the Japanese started exporting the same during a political chaos in the mid-eighteenth century. Due to heavy labor cost, the Japanese porcelain industry had to face a lot of challenges to sustain in the European market. The Chinese had taken this as an opportunity and started making Chinese Imari, which is just a copy of Japanese Imari ware. Few other famous manufacturers such as Messen of Europe and Johnson Bros of Britain also started making imitation items. These porcelain vases are peculiar in design and attractive in colors. Inspired by these Imariyaki, people in other parts of the world began designing their own household wares.

Who is Freddie Mercury?

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury was a songwriter and a singer from Britain. He has performed many record producing albums such as Killer Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, Don’t Stop Me Now, and We are the Champions. He was the lead member of the rock band called “Queen”. His solo performances representing the Queen band were extraordinary. He was awarded the Brit Award for his contribution to British music. Though he is not here today, his songs are still played by millions of people. That is why he has been consistently awarded by many British Music organizations for his contributions towards the music industry.

Freddie Mercury’s unique habit!

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Most Freddie Mercury fans are not aware that he was fond of collecting Imariyaki! These porcelain wares were exclusively made in Japan and they were imitated in other parts of the world. Freddie Mercury always wanted to use these imariwares and he had the unique habit of showcasing those in his home. Few people even say that such collections are still kept at his place in remembrance of him. This habit reflects the craze for imariyaki among the celebrities like Freddie Mercury.

Imariyaki and other household wares


Fascinated by the sale of Japanese Imariwares, other countries such as China started making their own Imariwares. The Chinese used blue and white color combinations while designing the porcelain pieces. These colors are much attractive and brighter too! If you had ever bought an Imari ware, you could have come across beautiful sceneries printed on the porcelain items. The European Imari had bright color combinations including orange and they had depicted an entire garden on a plate. Such household wares were literally believed to be Imariyaki but originally they were not so!


Household vessels made of stainless steel, glass, copper, iron, aluminum, etc. How about using a porcelain Imariyaki? Though they are brittle in nature and need to be cared for, nobody refuses to get imariyaki upon seeing its elegant designs. They come in attractive colors and perfect designs to be used in our dining space. Even celebrities prefer to use such porcelain items at their homes. Why not try this useful and beautiful household wares to benefit from it! Moreover, it is an excellent alternative to simple glass vessels and pots. Freddie Mercury, one of the most famous British singers of all time, had the habit of collecting these Imariyaki and there is no doubt that even today hundreds of VIPs use these products!