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William John Paul Gallagher likes to eat Gyu-don. Beef bowl is the king of Japanese fast food

William John Paul Gallagher likes to eat “GYU-DON” ?

Who is William John Paul Gallagher?

William John Paul Gallagher
William John Paul Gallagher is a British songwriter and a solo performer. Though he had performed many albums in bands such as Oasis and Beady Eye, his solo performances had earned him great fame. Then he started realizing his potential and later doing albums with his unique voice and just as a one-man show. Some of his singles include “Song Bird” and “I’m Outta Time.” His latest solo album titled “As You Were” is a massive hit which earned him the “Greatest front man of all time” by the Q magazine awards.

Most of his fans didn’t know how much he has suffered in his childhood with his aggressive father. His older brothers Noal and Paul had experienced so much pain because of their father and William adds that his pain was really lesser when compared to that of his brothers. William John Paul Gallagher always thinks that those pain had developed an artistic talent within him and that dragged him to this level now!

What’s special in Gyu-don?


Gyu-don which is commonly known as the beef bowl is one of the basic comfort foods of Japan. The interesting part of the food is that it can be cooked very quickly and easily without any time consuming processes. Whenever you are overloaded with work and lack the motivation to cook, Gyu-don is an excellent choice to be prepared at your home. Most Gyu-don is served with poached egg or raw egg yolk at the center and is liked by Japanese. Sometimes it can be cooked using dash broth and it gives an extraordinary taste to the beef bowl.

Besides the British food, Why William John Paul Gallagher likes to eat Gyu-don?

Well, we all know that the British people love to eat baked food such as bread loaves and burgers. But this man, William John Paul Gallagher likes to eat Gyu-don. It is a general question that why he loves beef bowls more than his hometown food? He replies that the Japanese Gyudon is not only tastier but it is easier to cook whenever he is busy with the shooting. Though he is not interested in cooking, simple recipes such as Gyudon helps him when he becomes hungry! The nutritional benefits of the food help him to maintain a proper and a balanced diet too (of course when eaten in moderation)!

Ingredients and Nutritional Values of Gyu-don


The Japanese Beef Bowl is rich in nutrients as it has egg, onions, beef, and rice. The peculiar taste along with the nutritional value attracts people and makes them to at least taste the dish! The granulated sugar gives an instant energy and neutral flavored vegetable oil just smoothens your throat. You can also garnish the dish with pickled ginger and it is extremely useful in clearing your sore throat. Just try this healthy beef bowl recipe at your place and everyone would appreciate your efforts for sure!

Places where you can get exclusive Gyu-dons

Gyudon are always referred to as the “King of Japanese fast food” and you can get it almost in every street corner in Japan. But still, a few restaurants in foreign countries other than Japan serve the best gyudon with delicious ingredients and perfect taste. Among one of them is the “Eat Tokyo” restaurant and it is located at 27 Catherine Street, London WC2B 5JS, England. Apart from the beef bowl, it also sells Sushi and other Asian food.


We all know that William John Paul Gallagher sings well but only a few people know that he is a good cook too! To our surprise, this English man loves Japanese food named Gyu-don! The exclusive taste when blended with healthy ingredients is what people of this generation expect and it is there with the Beef Bowl dish! Celebrities love to eat this recipe as they get instant energy and it is from really good ingredients!