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Mariah Carey loves Sanrio

Mariah Carey loves Sanrio?

Who is Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey is an American songwriter as well as a singer who has released many blockbuster albums like “Love takes time”, “Vision of Love” and “Someday”.

After her marriage with Tommy Mottola, she started performing various shows with Sony Music, as her husband was the head of the Sony team. Later, Mariah Carey released her potential and that gave her enough confidence to do hip-hop too! She started incorporating latest hip-hop trends in her albums and those were massive hits. Her role in the film Precious is extra-ornery, which earned her immense fame and further Hollywood chances. She has won 5 Grammy awards, and was given the title “Songbird Supreme” by the Guinness World Records.

Lovely Sanrio Characters


Sanrio is one of the very few international brands that features a variety of toys. Some of them include childhood favorites such as Monchhichi, Hello Kitty, Chimutan and My Melody Collection. These soft toys mainly attract kids but it is also favorited by a few adults as well. They are designed with lovely pink and white color combinations. The soft and smooth texture is apt to be kept as pillows or pets besides you sleep. The Cinnamoroll comes with floppy ears and it resembles a puppy. The Bonbonribbon is portrayed as a friend of Sanrio for the month if March and most people think that it is just a marketing strategy! The brand features home decor items such as Little Twin Stars, Seven Silly Dwarfs and Hello Kitty clocks. These are just a few and the list goes on!

Why is the Cute Hello Kitty admired all over the world?

Though the Sanrio brand features a variety of toys or decor items, Hello Kitty is the all-time favorite for millions of people around the world. We have been thinking why is Hello Kitty liked all over the world? Well, just because it is cute? It might be, but that’s not the only reason behind its fame. The lovely soft toy is designed in such a shape that kids love it. Also, the various sizes and the easier availability form an additional reason for the huge sale. You can get a Hello kitty that just fits in your hands or the ones that sit beside you on your couch. Why not try the best-ever soft toy that had captured the attention & love of people of all ages!

Hello Kitty in Mariah’s bathroom

Did you know that celebrities love to keep Hello Kitty toys and other accessories such as towels and toothbrushes in their bathrooms? Well, it’s not new information for us but women over 45 years of age such as Mariah Carey are also interested in decorating their place with it. Mariah Carey had posted a picture of her bathroom on her Instagram account that reveals Hello Kitties in her place. There we can see a line up of Hello Kitty soft toys, curtains, hello kitty bags, those pink towels with lovely prints of Hello Kitty and a guitar with a Hello kitty doll on it. She adds that the number of toys is steadily overflowing in her place and she couldn’t manage those by placing in an elegant manner.

Which celebrities have Sanrio in their space?

Not only does Mariah Carey love to keep Hello kitty in their rooms but other women such as Lady Gaga, the pop queen – Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and Paris Hilton are also impressed by these lovely toys. They often entertain their fans by posting pictures of cute characters in their rooms.


There is no kid who dislikes this lovable character, Hello Kitty! We can even say that the other soft toy makers are jealous of this cutie. I remember the new mothers asking for Hello Kitty feeding bottles and diaper bags for their young ones, in the supermarkets. The quality, attractive nature and easier availability form the reasons for its worldwide fame.