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Steven Tyler likes to eat taiyaki

What is Taiyaki?

Taiyaki is a Japanese snack, which resembles the shape of a fish. Taiyaki is made with usual cake batter in which the special stuffing taste yummy! It is commonly stuffed with red bean paste to make it extra tastier; it is filled with sweet potato, chocolate, custard, etc. It is for the rich taste, people like to eat taiyaki every day! The cake batter is poured into two fish-shaped molds and one of the molds is filled with the filling. Then the two molds are then closed and ready to be baked! It is baked to a golden brown snack and is loved by millions of kids!

Why Taiyaki is much popular?

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It is available in almost all supermarkets in Japan and also can be found in food courts. Not only is easily available but it also tastes good. It resembles the taste of imagawayaki and the only difference is the shape. Yes, imagawayaki is a round-shaped snack whereas Taiyaki is fish-shaped. People of all ages like to eat those cakes for the unique stuffing inside. Also, it is of the traditional foods of Japan and still, the Japanese value their custom foods. It is for all these reasons, Taiyaki is much popular even today!

Who is Steven Tyler?

Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler is an American singer who leads the band, Aerosmith. He is also called as “Demon of Screaming” as he used to sing in high screams. He is a multi-talented person who even judges several reality shows on American televisions. He also plays harmonica, keyboard, and bass guitar too. He along with Joe Perry are called the “toxic twins” as they were abused under a drug case. Steven Tyler’s albums usually come with unique musical sounds and of course, with his unique voice.

Steven Tyler likes to eat Taiyaki!

As with most other American singers, Steven Tyler also performs various on-stage performances in and around Japan when on tour. Such tours had given chances for this person to taste teriyaki. Once a person tastes this food, he or she would definitely love to eat it again! Such a thing had happened with Steven too! Though he is an American by birth, he loves to travel to different countries both officially and unofficially. Such tours pave the way for new tastes to be found and suggested to others.

What else Steven likes to eat from Japan?

Though there are a lot of traditional Japanese foods such as sushi and mochi, Steven likes to eat taiyaki and POM Pan juice from Japan. POM Pan is an orange-flavored juice from Japan, and is made available in pet bottles of various sizes. The cans and paper packs are fast moving ones, as they are compact and fit for one-time consumption. Steven Tyler says that he likes to eat Taiyaki along with POM Pan juice as they go well together. We can also try these two, as they are believed to taste good! The manufacturer adds that it is made from 100% fruit juice and is healthy too! So, what’s holding back from tasting these foods? Try it at the earliest and do let us know how do they taste!


Steven Tyler is a wonderful singer and an on-stage performer. He was attracted by few Japanese foods such as Teriyaki and POM Pan juice during one of his visits to Japan. He recommends those Japanese foods to all as they not only taste good but also are good for health! The POM also manufactures tea-based beverages and we can try those to at least know that we have a lot of choices! Though Americans share a great work with respect to the juice industry, Japanese also find opportunities in the same field. As a result, we have POM juices in varied flavors but all are healthy ones! Pong or Son or Pom, whatever the pronunciation is but the seller could definitely identify that it is the juice!