Photo by Toshiyuki Imai/Flickr

Do you know about the erasable ink ballpoint pen?

Do you know about the erasable ink ballpoint pen?

Are you the person who just heard for the first time of the ink of a ballpoint pen that disappears? Do you use an eraser?

Although one may think that everything is solved with just a ballpoint pen that disappears.

I do not know whether this product is sold overseas, but it is also a very popular item in Japan.

What is meaning of “the erasable ink ballpoint pen”

When extruding a ballpoint pen, the upper part has a rubber part instead of a traditional eraser and it is possible to erase it freely there.

It is said that it is also possible to erase the dryer as a bean knowledge. After erasing it is said that it will resurrect if you do a cooling spray. (I will not use it first, but …)

This pen is a very ecological choice as there is no danger of garbage going out with an eraser after writing with a pencil.

Unlike in the past when I was impatient without being able to rewrite something, now there is a ballpoint pen that I feel absolutely comfortable with!

Why not try buying one as a souvenir because it is a inexpensive product if you come to Japan.