Photo by Shigeo Maruo/Flickr

Japanese particular school bags are quite strong and popular in China

Do you know about school bags in Japan?

If you’ve attended a Japanese primary school you may have used it before. I also used the same thing during my elementary school days for 6 years.

In fact, these particular school bags are quite strong after using it for a long time.

These school bags is actually popular as a souvenir from people abroad, especially Chinese people.

The Reason why Chinese people like to use these school bags

It is said that there are three major reasons which make these bags popular:

① Robust and hard to break.
In Japan, as I have been using for 6 years, sometimes I use this sturdy bag as a normal bag and not only elementary school students but also adults as bags.

Also, unusual school bags may have the fashionable appeal in Europe and elsewhere.

② Japanese animation and drama
Characters loved overseas such as Doraemon and Detective Conan are also seen carrying a school bag.

A yearning has been born from here, and some people buy it.

③ A Hollywood celebrity actress’ favorite.
A Hollywood celebrity actress was taken up in the media. The appearance of using a school bag as a fashion pieces taken up.

In that case, it is said that on Amazon, reviews from customers repeatedly stated, such as “My favorite daughter” and “School bags are fashion.”

It has been said that Hong Kong media and other topics became a topic and it was reimported, resulting in shopping in Japan as a result.

It is said that it goes especially at Kansai International Airport.

Why don’t you try gifts for those interested in your child or schoolbag if you come to Japan?