aomori sakura

Where is the best place to view cherry blossoms in Japan?

I will definitely answer like this when asked if I am the first cherry blossoms in Japan.

“The Cherry blossoms at Hirosaki Castle in Aomori is No. 1”

Since living in Japan, I have traveled around Japan several times in which I have seen various cherry blossoms, but there was nothing like Aomori that I thought was so overwhelming and beautiful so far.

Please take a look at the video below.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom can be seen along the road, and the castle ruins of Hirosaki is seen far off in the distance, while many cherry blossom petals float on the river which flows more than anything,

The best time to see the blossoms in Aomori is after mid April

This combination creates a fantastic scenery, and lots of tourists visit at the best time of the flowers in late. Although Aomori may not not be so familiar to foreigners yet, Aomori in Tohoku is recommended because it is possible to travel there in about 3 hours from Tokyo by bullet train.

Also, even after the cherry blossoms in Tokyo is scattered in April, the best time to see the blossoms in Aomori is after mid April so it will be the good time.

Aomori is also very famous for apples

Aomori is also very famous for apples. Not only apples themselves but also anything made from apples such as apple juice, and apple chips.

During the cherry-blossom viewing period, stalls are also present in Hirosaki Castle Park and you can taste a little festive feeling. Many locals in the area come out so you can enjoy the full atmosphere.