Photo by Christian Kaden/Flickr

What does “turning the bowls” means when we drink tea.

I think that most people have seen tea cup bowls at some point in their lives.

The tea bowls used in Japan and China, now popularized in the masses and used in the same way as cups, the tea bowl has the action of saying “turning the bowls” in the tea ceremony.


The tea ceremony puts the meaning “to entertain”

The tea ceremony puts the meaning “to entertain” the opponent in all actions.

Naturally there is a meaning to turn a bowl since the cup has a front and back end to it.

Many bowls are handed in front of those with a beautiful pattern written on it, so that the customer faces the front when receiving it.

Upon receiving the tea bowl, you turn it sideways by turning it around which shows a beautiful pattern on the customer side.

It is not necessary to turn the tea bowl under normal circumstances, but when drinking with a tea bowl, it may be a good habit to turn the picture of the bowl to face the other party!