Photo by Miki Yoshihito/Flickr

Why can wind chimes(bells) make Japanese’s body temperature drop?

Do you know the summer tradition of wind chimes” in Japan?

This unique sound called Tiny Thyrin is loved in Japan long ago, and when you hear that sound you can feel the summer in a different meaning.

The truth to the matter is, it is said that when Japanese people hear the sound of wind chimes, the body temperature will go down.

This seems to have no influence on children who have never heard of foreign sounds or wind chimes. In a way it can be said that it is an interesting feature of Japanese people.

why does body temperature drop when Japanese hear these wind chimes

It is often said that Japanese people feel the wind when listening to the sound of wind chimes.

In regards to the wind, Japanese people have an image to say that it is cool, which is to say “wind chimes wind bells = wind is blowing = cool” and say that the body temperature will fall from that mental image.

Even those who are not Japanese and if you care to try wind chimes at home, then someday when you hear the sound of the chimes, your temperature just may go down!