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Morinaga Hi-Chew is a popular product from Japan. Japanese baseball major leaguers was distributed to Hi-Chew

Morinaga Hi-Chew is a popular product widely enjoyed from small children to adults.

Hi-Chew is now known as a very popular item in the United States.

Originally, it is said that major popularity of Japanese baseball major leaguers was distributed to players of American colleagues, so it became popular among the baseball teams and celebrities afterwards.

Hi-Chew has limited flavor

Hi-Chew has a wide range of tastes such as grape, soda, oranges and strawberries in ordinary taste.

Visiting certain regions of Japan has limited flavors of Hi-Chew that could only be found in that particular region.

For example, Okinawa has pineapple flavor of Hi-Chew and white peach flavor of Hi-Chew in the Okayama region. In Japan’s most northern region of Hokkaido, melon flavor of Hi-Chew could be found there.

Why Hi-Chew got people’s heart

So why are there many reasons for being so popular, but often said:

① Addiction that the texture which is not too soft and not too soft to stop eating

② The second taste is reproducing the actual delicious fruit flavor more than other products It is said that to say.

Recommend to try premium hi-chew

Recently high-priced premium high-tea and astonished Hi-Chew such as high-rise prices are sold, and some selling long-sale is coming out.

There are now some countries in which Hi-Chew is sold overseas including the United States, so please try it not only in Japan but overseas!


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