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Jessica-Alba had interst for japanese unique vending machines

If you are corporate company employee or a frequent world traveller, then vending machines are are not new to you!

But still, there are few who aren’t aware of these machines. For those here is a simple explanation of what a vending machine is?

It is an automated machine to sell snacks, beverages, etc by accepting credit cards, cash, or specified card.

It actually reduces the human intervention in such small transactions and it is really useful in public places like railways stations, airports, etc.

Surveys reveals that Japanese vending machines are huge in number than in any other country!

Celebrities like Jessica-Alba had even noted the same during their visits to Japan. Let us explore more about these unique vending machines in ur article.

Who is Jessica-Alba?

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Jessica-Alba is an award winning American actress and also a business woman.

She is mother of three children and kids would to eat snacks whenever they see it in public places.

During one of her visits to Japan, she found that the country has unique vending machines to dispense such items easily.

She felt that not it saves our time but also cuts the work of many humans with the automation processes!

During her stay at Tokyo, she taken taken photographs of those vending machines as if she was collecting items from it.


What is different about Japanese vending machines?

As with every Japanese product, their vending machines are also built with top-notch quality and perfection.

It is very difficult to find flaws in their products. Right from the design, these machines are crafted with uniqueness.

Also, almost 5 million such machines are there throughout the country and it means that we can find 1 machine per 23 persons in Japan.

The Japan vending machines manufacturer association reveals that they make $60 billion every year by selling these machines.

The country is capable of supplying unique vending machines to the rest of the world!

Though the first modern vending machines were introduced in the postal department of London, we cannot neglect the fact that the Japan bags a huge share in manufacturing such machines!

Why Japanese prefer vending machines?


In the late 1960’s after the post world war 2, the country was rapidly growing in the manufacturing sector.

One element that fell in to the category was the Japanese vending machines.

It offered an easier way to shop and to sell products such as hot/cold drinks, cigarettes, etc.

Those machines were also used to self-advertise the products that it has, through its sides.

Either the product name or the brand name was clearly written on the both sides of the machines for people to pick the product easily.

In the recent years, these Japanese vending machines even sell anime, video games, etc.

Most Japanese never feel surprised of the huge count of vending machines in their country but they get amazed that why it is not so in other countries!

Are the Vending machines really needed?

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In today’s situation, we cannot rely on human to just sell a bottle of juice to water.

The great human power can be better used in some other purpose if those simple jobs are done by automated machines.

Most people even say that it is better to have such vending machines in schools to distribute snacks to the students.

So, vending machines are really the need of the hour to reduce human invention in simpler jobs!


Machines can certainly not replace a human but it can aid humans in reducing their workloads.

One such example is how Japanese vending machines had simplified the lives of so many!

Top personalities like Jessica-Alba has even pointed out the same when they paid visits to Japan.

Drop your coin, choose the stuff and that’s it! It comes to your hand in few seconds. Also, they work 24 hours a day and all 365 days of a year!