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Sukiyabashi Jiro is visited by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio, katy perry,Obama

In the Edo Era, sushi was sold as a street food by brushing either soy sauce or tsume sauce with the dish.

At those times, the road-side chefs prepare sushis in front the customers and they top it with their favorite sauces.

Soon after it is prepared, the Sushi enters the hands of customers and then to their mouths!

They then end their supper with a tea and that’s it. But nowadays, Sushi is prepared in a variety of styles with a range of toppings.

One such best sushi restaurant is Skiyabashi jiro in Japan and let us discuss more of it in the article.

What is Sushi?

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Sushi is a Japanese food, prepared with rice by adding vinegar, sugar and salt. It accepts a variety of ingredients such as sea food, vegetables, fruits, etc.

The Japanese usually serve it with tuna fish or tropical fruits and we alter it as per our taste!

Though it is prepared with white rice, we can also prepare it with brown rice.

A few people likes to have it with crab meat and the vegetarians add only a lot of veggies over it!

Sushi tastes good when served with pickled ginger or horseradish paste called as wasabi.

The Skiyabashi jiro – a specialty restaurant

The Skiyabashi jiro is one of the best restaurants that serves best Sushi of the world!

Though few people like to have it from local vendors, the high-class people prefer this restaurant.

It has its own dress code and regulating policies for the customers who enter their restaurant.

Ones wearing collar-less shirts and shorts are not usually allowed to enter the place as it is considered as unethical.

Also, we can learn how to get, try, take, and eat a sushi in this place.

Only a pioneer in the filed, can teach such techniques and it is really useful for the new customers.

The reactant has just ten tables and we need a prior booking to enjoy their sushi.

Celebrities who had visited Skiyabashi jiro

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Skiyabashi jiro being one of the best sushi restaurants of Japan, it attracts many celebrities as well.

Some of them from the list are Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, Katy Perry and Obama.

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger

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Almost all of us know who this personality is as he is loved even by a kid for his style!

He is an Australian-American actor, a politician, a businessman, etc.

We need more words from the dictionary to explain his personality as he is such a multi-talented person with a variety of interests.

During one of his visits to Japan, he had visited Skiyabashi to taste the world’s best sushi.

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

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He was born in Los Angeles in 1974 and by the way he eats Sushi, no one would believe that he is not from Japan!

He is an American actor and he gets chance to visit Japan frequently. Hundreds of Americans had started eating Sushi just because this person consumes it!

Katy Perry

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She is an American songwriter and a singer born in 1984.

She started her career at her teenage and since then she had to travel to various countries for stage performances.

One such country is Japan and there she fell in love with the food, Sushi!

The Skiyabashi is one of her favorite spots consume sushi and she never leaves Japan without visiting the place!


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He was the 44th president of the United States and was the first African American to take charge of that position.

When he visited Japan, he had a chance to consume the world’s best sushi in Skiyabashi jiro along with the Japanese Prime Minister of the time, Shinzo Abe.

He had liked the taste of rice with no pungent smell at all!


Sushi expert, Jiro, says that the rice served at Skiyabashi jiro is kept at body temperature whereas the other toppings are maintained at different temperatures based on the need.

Only pioneers can really make such a tasty sushi and with no doubt, Skiyabashi jiro is one such restaurant!