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Emma Watson like to use DHC mascara : Japanese cosmetics

Cosmetic products flood the market as women and even men are interested in making themselves look stunning.

We even have organic ones to protect our skin from various allergies or side effects.

The anti-aging creams and under eye creams are usually what people of all ages use to keep themselves look younger.

No celebrity appears before the public with our wearing such cosmetic products!

One such personality is Emma Watson who actually is very transparent in opening up her make-up kit.

She shows her interest in Japanese cosmetics and she openly admits that she uses only DHC mascara as it’s easier to remove!

Who is Emma Watson?

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She is famous British actress, activist, and a model. She was born in 1990 in Paris.

She was brought up with modeling skills and after knowing her interests in this fields she got her professional training from the Oxford.

The Harry Potter films earned her a worldwide fame and her makeup remains simple but adorable in all her films.

She not only considers acting as a professional but a passion! Emma Watson takes part in women campaigns as well to impart the knowledge on gender equality to the public.

The education for all campaign is one of her greatest works for the women society.

Why Japanese Cosmetics?

The Japanese products are well-kaon for its quality and the same applies to their cosmetics too!

Yes, the Japanese cosmetics are used by millions of women all over the world.

The wide reach is possible only because of the fine raw materials used and a good global marketing.

The interesting part is that they are available online and are easier to purchase.

The numerous brands from Japan are coming up with fantastic products such as Japanese mascara, lipsticks, nail polishes, etc. Let us reveal more such products in this article.

Emma Watson’s favorite Japanese Mascara

Emma Watson admits that the only product that she used as a mascara is from DHC.

The DHC mascara is one of the Japanese cosmetics that never smudges easily. Also, she adds that it can be washed off easily just with warm water.

She never needed a makeup remover to clean it up. Being an artist, there are situations in which she had to go wet with rains.

Even in that situations, the DHC mascara remained firm without smudges. Such qualities made Emma Watson to use the Japanese mascara for her day-to-day makeup!

Why DHC Mascara?

The double protection effects and the long-wear formula makes this Japanese mascara a widely preferred choice!

You can get the fuller looking eyes in just a few seconds and it nourishes your eyelashes too!

The polymer fibers of the mascara provide a natural look to the lashes with a longer look! It also has vitamins E and is good for your lashes.

The paraben-free smoky black eyes is a real gift and you can avail it with these DHC Japanese cosmetics!

What other Japanese cosmetics are famous?

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The Canmake’s eyeshadows are the ones that most Japanese ladies use as they are cheaper and cost-effective.

The eyeshadows from Daiso is available for just 100 Yen. The cheaper cost and varied options make this product a reputed one.

The products are Cezanne are available even in the drug stores and are best suited for everyday use.

The lipstick collection from Kate is a perfect choice for holiday outings and also for day-to-day purposes.

If you want to appear more glossy and shiny, then Majolica Majorca products are the right choices. These are not the only list and it goes to even tens of pages!


Though most celebrities use Japanese cosmetics, only a few reveals what’s in their cosmetic bag.

One such extrovert is Emma Watson and she adds that the long-lasting DHC mascara is her favorite.

It also enables eye makeup much easier and simpler than actually is! Try it and you would come to know the rest!