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J.J. Abrams, like to use Japanese calligraphy pen

The Japanese calligraphy is also called as Shuji and it is a form of writing the Japanese language artistically.

The country is much popular for making calligraphy pens with peculiar styles and designs. Some use brush pens and some others use fountain pens for the art.

Whatever the need may be, you would find different Japanese calligraphy pens for your purposes!

Let us identify the quality, purpose and the usage of such pens in this article.

We can also figure out few famous personalities such as J.J. Abrahams who loves to use these pens.

What is Special about Japanese Calligraphy Pens?

These pens are available in various varieties and designs. You can get pens of different colors and different brush types too!

The weight of those pens measures just lesser than 20 g.

You can also replace the parts of these stylish pens and hence it doesn’t cost you much when got stuck!

These pens find its uses in calligraphy, writing, art, learning languages such as Chinese or Japanese, etc.

What is it made from?

The calligraphy pens are usually made from hair-like materials and sometimes, they are made from animal hair such as from wolf.

These natural substances absorb ink and deliver perfect letters when you write.

You can also use water while you practice so that it can save you money before you get ready to write Japanese calligraphy!

Some of them come with double-sided brushes of different dimensions. You can either refill the pen with ink or can buy a newer one.

The along wooden or plastic handles give great grip while you write. It can be a perfect gift for the kids to boost their talent.

Who is J.J. Abrahams?

J.J. Abrahams is a famous producer and director of numerous Hollywood projects including the Star Trek.

He was born in 1966 but his style is still up to date and many people say that he looks like a youngster.

he is known for expressing characters of people as such without any exaggerations.

Some of his works include Forever Young, Cloverfield, Regarding Henry, Star Wars:

The Force Awakens, etc. He has also done music for movies during the start o this career. Being a multitalented person, he excels in whatever he picks up.

J.J. Abrahams uses Japanese Calligraphy pens

The immense popularity of the Japanese calligraphy pens does not stop within the boundaries of the country.

It extends worldwide and the Star Trek producer, J.J. Abrahams had even quoted that he loves to use such pens.

During one of his visits to Japan, he had bought one such pen from the country as those were not available in the U.S.A.

You can notice that almost all of his works include at least a minor work made from calligraphy pens. The quality of contents produced from such pens is incomparable.



We usually teach children drawing right from their childhood as it helps to develop the artistic talents in them.

In a similar manner, the calligraphy is a good choice to build their artistic talents and to show up their skills.

Not only that, it also teaches the valuable habits such as the art of handling things, proper use of materials, etc.

Many celebrities had learned the art and them even to try to use in their professional lives.

One of the perfect examples of such a celebrity is J.J. Abrahams. Who knows, their talent might have been exposed only because of the calligraphy skills!

So, it is a better idea to introduce the Japanese calligraphy pens to your children and thereby you could create possibilities of better lifestyles!

The best ever styles are available even online and you can try the low price items as a start.

It is not just a beginning while you dip the pen in an ink but an opportunity to imbibe various talents!