“Bread and Water” Is it a Recipe? Putting the bread in water before bake in the oven

Top photo by Nathanael Coyne/Flickr

How do you usually bake bread? Actually there is a simple technique to make bread much more tastier with just little effort.

Please watch the following video.

As you can see from the movie, it is simply just plain water. Adding a little water before putting the bread in the oven, it may be sprinkled with water and you can put water in the mist.

The little ingenuity raises the way to eat bread into another dimension to eat bread. As in the movie, the left side is the half where water was on, the right side is not turn on anything. As a result, the bread baked on the right side is in a somewhat brown state, whereas the bread with the water on the left side is finished in fluffy delicious bread while crispy outside.

Recently ovens baking bread using steam are also popular.

For example, Balmuda is famous for delicious bread.



If you use this Balmuda toaster it is delicious, but for those people who say that they can’t afford this particular toaster, firstly, try to sprinkle a little bit of water manually. You can buy simple containers sold for mist bubbles at your local discount or 100 yen shop as it is worth trying! It will surely make your bread taste delicious, so please try it by all means!