Best 4 ramen noodles taste in japan : shoyu/ miso / salt/ tonkotsu

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Noodles are spinning around the world’s population as they are spun in a packet.

Be it instant or uncooked noodles, our taste buds crave for it! Big thanks to the Japanese who had introduced such a tasty food to the world.

The varieties with respect to broth, noodles, and the toppings make this food one of its kind! In this article, let us explore the best 4 ramen noodles taste in Japan.

Best 4 Ramen Noodles


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Shoyu is one among the best 4 ramen noodles taste in Japan and anyone can identify it with the unique broth consistency. The soy sauce rich broth is clear and brownish in its appearance.

The curly, round noodles are really soft and go well with the clear broth. It is often prepared with vegetable or meat broth and with a tangy flavor.

We can even regard it as one of the major forms of ramen that we get in Tokyo.

Such a familiarity, of course, reveals its taste! So try this simple yet healthy noodle to treat your tongue with a tangy twist!


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Miso is another variety of ramen noodles and it is usually considered as the youngest arrival among the best 4 ramen noodles taste in Japan.

It is introduced in Hokkaido in the early 1960’s and still its popular among the crowd. The soup is filled with nuts and it is little sweeter too.

It is for this peculiar taste, kids love to have more and more. The noodles are thick, chewy and curly and it goes well with the sweet soup!

The most interesting part of Miso is that you can have it with just the soup without any other toppings!


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Salt-rich noodles among the best 4 ramen noodles taste in Japan is Shio. This salty broth energizes the tongue even when you are sick.

It is considered as one of the oldest ramen broths and sea salt was used to season the same. The broth is generally made with chicken or pork and it is clear in texture.

The yellow color of the broth reveals clearly that it is a Shio noodle broth! This noodles comes with a variety of seaweed and is rich in sodium content.

You can always have it unless you have sodium allergies! Try this less spicy, salty ramen noodle to know the olden day tastes of Japan and to enjoy a great treat!


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Tonkotsu means Pork bone and this one among the best 4 ramen noodles taste in Japan got its name from its ingredients.

The broth is usually thicker and is whiter in color. The color and consistency of the broth are mainly due to the excessive heating of pork bones for a longer duration such as up to a maximum of 20 hours!

But not every tonkotsu noodles are prepared so! If you get tasty tonkotsu then you can imagine that they are kept in the heat for such a long hours.

Some think that milk is the reason for the broth’s color. But it is not so! Crushed Ginger can boost the flavor of the buttery broth and do add it when you get a chance to taste it!

We all know that Noodles is the primary food of Japanese apart from Sushi. They prepare it not just like that but with their best possible ingredients and efforts.

We have listed the best 4 ramen noodles taste in Japan and if you get a chance to taste even any one of them, then you are really lucky!

You can also top it with seasonings of your choice to boost the flavor. Have it with boiled eggs or meat, if you are non-vegetarian.

Or else go ahead with vegetables and they also taste good! Some of the choices that goes well with the ramen noodles are mushroom, cabbage, carrot, parsley, etc.

Mushrooms give an equivalent taste of a non-veg broth! So do enjoy those and be healthy too!