Best Ever Miso Ramen Restaurants 2018!

Top photo by Jocelyn & Cathy./Flickr

The Miso ramen is a famous variety of noodles and is much popular among the Japanese!

There are lots of restaurants that serve this yummy dish but we have carefully selected a few with respect to various aspects such as waiting time, taste, quality of the ingredients used, the ambience of the place, etc.

Top Miso Ramen Restaurants


The Mengyo is one of the best miso ramen restaurants and is located in Tokyo. It uses a broth made from a fish called ‘madai’.

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It is the specialty of the restaurant and it boosts the taste of the served ramen. Even though the shop opens at 11 a.m., you can see a long queue standing outside over time.

This is a clear evidence for its immense popularity. Though the seats are arranged in a congested fashion, the wood carvings and the seafood bonsai decorations are, indeed, very attractive.

The thin whole grain noodles used here is healthy and it goes well with the fish broth. the beautiful toppings on the broth would tempt anyone to taste the food.

Other Details: Name: Madai Ramen Mengyo; Address: Inoue Bldg 1F, 2-5-3 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo; Opening Hours: 11am-until soup runs out; It remains closed on Mondays; Transport: Kinshicho Station (Hanzomon, Sobu lines).


The Issho at Asagaya is the next best miso ramen restaurants in the country. The place looks well with a neat appearance and with meticulous staff members.

Their cooking process brings out the entire flavor of the pork bones leaving the soup tastier. The thicker broth along with a mixture of other ingredients attracts the attention of every customer.

It’s not too smelly but still, the flavor is perfect for all! You can also select the toppings from classic char siu, vegetables, seafood, Italian-style tomato, etc.

The true strength of the restaurant is the versatile taste and its staff!

Other details: Name: Issho; Address: 1-9-5 Asagaya-Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo; Opening Hours: 11am-4pm (or until soup runs out). It remains closed on Wednesdays; Transport: Minami-Asagaya Station (Marunouchi line), exit 2a.


If you wish to taste a home-style ramen, then the Motsuke is the best choice! It serves medium-thick flat noodles that are made from good flour to get the perfect springiness.


The simple chicken soup is full of taste and nutrients as how we prepare at home. But you can make it more delicious by ordering fantastic toppings and the restaurant also serves other dishes such as wantons, tuna, etc.

Other details: Name: Motsuke; Address: 34-1 Yorozucho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo; Opening Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-9pm; Sat, Sun & during holidays 11.30am-until soup runs out). It remains closed on Tuesdays; Transport: Hachioji Station (Chuo, Yokohama, Hachiko lines).


The simplest ever restaurant that serves excellent miso ramen is the Irohaya. It has a plain name with its name written with just a white chalk.


But the taste invites more people towards its door. It uses thin home-made noodles and they are completely immersed in chicken or shiitake broth.

The refreshing broth makes this spot one of the best miso ramen restaurants!

Other details: Name: Irohaya; Address: 6-13-1 Asagaya-Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo; Opening Hours: 1.30am-2pm, 6pm-9pm; It remains closed on Wednesdays; Transport: Asagaya Station (Chuo, Sobu lines), north exit.


The Furumen makes slurping and sipping possible at one place by serving both miso ramen and alcohol. The specialty of the shop is the double soup prepared from chicken and tuna.


The medium thick noodles go well with the broth and you can also taste it with eggs and wantons. It is for sure on among the best miso ramen restaurants. So never forget to try when you are in Japan.

Other details: Name: Furumen; Address: 3-4-31 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Opening Hours: 11.30am-3.30pm, 6pm-12midnight (Fri until 3am). It remains closed on Sundays. Transport: Roppongi-Itchome Station (Namboku Line), exit 1; Roppongi Station (Oedo line), exit 5; (Hibiya line), exit 3.

Not every restaurant reveals their secret ingredients while they prepare the miso ramen. Yet we have tried the best to pull out few of them to showcase you! So just enjoy a tasty treat at these famous spots!