Are you a tonkotsu ramen fan? Even if you are not, you will!

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Ramen is one of the prime foods for the Japanese people and the list of best tonkotsu ramen restaurants is helpful to millions.

Each one of them in the below list serves extraordinary flavored ramen with exceptional seasoning & broth. Let’s not waste time and directly dive into the list now.

Best Tonkotsu Ramen Restaurants


The first among the best tonkotsu ramen restaurants list is the Hide-chan Ramen. It serves ramen of authentic taste from the region of Hakata.


The Hakata City in Fukuoka Prefecture is, especially, famous for the tonkotsu ramen.

The Hide-chan ramen restaurant serves a unique pork style ramen broth and is loved both the local people as well as others.

You can also enjoy a wide variety of drinks from their menu along with a hot & yummy ramen broth. Other Details: Address – 107-0052 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 2 -chome, 1758.


The Moriya is picked as the next best tonkotsu ramen restaurant as it serves thick Kyushu-Style Tonkotsu.

The broth used here is also little thicker and it actually makes the ramen tastier.

The vegetables along with the pork are mixed in a bowl of salty broth and by the time it reaches your hands, you would feel like having a feast!

Other details: Address – 270-2265 Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture Tokiwadairajin’yamae 9-15.


The Yamachan Ginza-ten serves the shame no ramen and is popular for the late night dinners. Usually, people hang in the streets for this tasty ramen to be enjoyed with a drink o their choice.


So if you are a night crawler, then Yamachan Ginza-ten is one of the best tonkotsu ramen restaurants.

End your evenings at this spot, and let the tomorrow be more energetic with the healthy food you had last night!

Other details: Address – 104-0061 Tokyo Ginza, Chuo-ku, 3-11-10.

Kin to Kuro

You can get burdock tonkotsu ramen in the region of Horikirishobuen in Japan. It is located in the northeast of Ueno and Asakusa.


In this region, they serve a bowl of ramen with a tempura-style burdock root and is often called as goboten.

Though you can enjoy burdock tonkotsu in many restaurants of this region, a very few serve the best among the best!

We have listed two o those best tonkotsu ramen restaurants in this region and don’t ever leave Japan without eating there.

Other details: Address – Shokyu: 124-0006 Katsushika-ku, Tokyo Horikiri 4-57-15; Kin to Kuro: 124-0006 Katsushika-ku, Tokyo Horikiri 5-4-1.

Ramen Hiro

We all know that we can get tasty ramen from all over Japan but Tokyo, being the capital of the country, serves all varieties of ramen.

From Saga to Fukuoka Prefecture, the best tonkotsu ramen restaurants are located in Tokyo as well. Let’s figure few of them here.

Other details: Address – Shin Fukusaikan Azabujyuban-ten: 106-0045 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Azabu Juban 1-2-5; Ramen Hiro: 101-0025, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sakumachō, Tokyo 2-25.


Ippudo is one of the classic ramen serving restaurants and people hand there out to get their bowl of ramen.

In October 2015, the restaurant had renewed its menu with a list of fusion noodles and the outcome is extraordinary. The incredible pork broth prepared from the bone is an added advantage for its taste.

It is a real treat for the tonkotsu ramen fans and this restaurant is a must to try!

Other details: Address – 150-0012, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Hiroo 1-3-13.

Be it a modern or classical lifestyle, Japanese people of all styles would love to eat tonkotsu ramen.

Each of the restaurants in Japan has its own crowd and unique taste! Some of then serve a thicker broth whereas a few serve broth prepared from pork bone.

The taste of the ramen differs with respect to the broth and also with respect to other ingredients.

Few of then even prepare broth with the entire pig’s head and back fat! Enjoy your ramen and also look for a ramen with thicker broth when you order!