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All time Top Japanese Noodles : yakisoba / soba / udon / yakiudon / somen / ramen

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Though Japanese staple foods are the rice-based sushi, a huge population relies on noodles as well. It is available in different varieties such as yakisoba, soba, udon, yaki udon, somen, and ramen. Let us here some of the top Japanese noodles and their specialties here.

Each one of them differs in taste, shape, and texture to give delicious and delightful tastes.

Top Japanese noodles


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Those who had tasted yakisoba would know the reason for having regarded it as one among the top Japanese noodles! It usually comes in bigger packs for big appetites. We can prepare yakisoba instantly just by boiling it in water. The Myojo Ippei-chan Yomise is one such yakisoba and it also comes with a sachet of spicy Karachi mayonnaise and it gives a final touch to the yakisoba! Nissin Cup Noodles yakisoba U.F.O is regarded as the king of instant noodles and it’s super easy to cook! The Nissan is the inventor of instant noodles and just by adding hot water, you can consume the tasty yakisoba. The delicious spicy yakisoba gets ready to be served anywhere and, especially, in a just few minutes.



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Soba is surely one among the top Japanese noodles and it is made from buckwheat flour. It is either prepared as a hot broth or served as a chilled dish with a dipping sauce usually during the warm season. The thickness of the soup differs from place to place and from restaurant to restaurant. The top Japanese noodles are served with seaweed, meat or vegetables to improve the flavor and taste. The choice is purely dependent on the person who consumes it! Soba is available in local stores across Japan and also in online stores across the world. So it’s not that tough to get your soba of choice!


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Udon is one of the noodle varieties of Japan and is commonly found worldwide. It is generally regarded as a fast food as it takes just a few minutes to cook. Kids from all over the world enjoy the recipes made from udon and hence it is one of the top Japanese noodles. Udon is easy to digest food and the Japanese people consume it even when they are sick. So it is present in the everyday meal of Japanese to fill their hunger and to remain healthy.


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Yaki means pan-fried and udon means thick & chewy noodles. Yakiudon is yet another favorite of the Japanese. It is made from wheat flour whereas yakisoba is made from buckwheat flour. Though it is easy to cook, the cooking process needs a little more skill to get the perfect recipe. The yaki udon should be cooked in high heat temperature, so that to delivers a great taste. If the ingredients are ready, then it takes just a few minutes to prepare the dish.


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Somen is a variety of the Japanese noodles and is prepared from wheat flour. It is much similar to udon in taste but a little thinner. Some are usually served cold during summer seasons. Somen is stretched by adding vegetable oil during the preparation process so that we get really long noodles. It is often served with bonito flakes for a enhanced rich flavor.


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Ramen is regarded as the king of noodle soup in Japan and it is popular in other countries too. Ramen is thinner and it is served in a variety of broths. They are usually served hot and are available for cheap prices. The main taste of this ramen is the kansui that is a alkaline-rich water from the lakes of Mongolia. This ingredient is believed to give a firm texture to the top Japanese noodles, the ramen. Japanese excel in whatever they do and so is the case with noodles. So many varieties and flavors induce anybody to taste at least one of them. The choices from the top Japanese noodles are ramen, somen, udon, yaki, yaki udon and soba. Each one of them tastes different and never miss the taste of Japan in these noodles.