Why not try these top instant yakisoba in Japan?

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Yakisoba is a type of noodle made from wheat and is very popular in Japan. Soba means buckwheat and that’s how the term yakisoba got its name. This fried noodle is usually served with meat, vegetables, and a thick sweet sauce topped over it.

Few people even say that yakisoba is a derivative of chow mien from China. The sauce used in yakisoba more tastes like oyster sauce yet it has its own distinctive taste.

Popular Yakisoba in Japan

Myojo Ippei-chan yakisoba

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The Japanese style noodle is regarded as one among the top instant yakisoba in Japan. It is the choice of so many and kids love it too! It comes with a great flavor and it goes well with a variety of combinations like tuna, crunchy cabbage, etc. It also comes with a sachet of mayonnaise mustard and gives a perfect finishing for the recipe! The square-shaped noodle block is packed compactly to fit smaller spaces of the modern kitchen cabins. The yakisoba pack not only comes with a noodle block but also with at least 4 sachets of flavoring agents. They are the main seasoning sauce, a dry sachet of vegetables, a small pack of spices, and a mustard mayonnaise sachet. All these smaller packs make the yakisoba spicier, taster, and more importantly easier to cook!

Nissin Raoh

Nissin Raoh is a fat-rich yakisoba and it usually comes with the soy sauce flavor. The noodle is well-known for perfect consistency and chewiness. The yakisoba tastes good when cooked with a broth and it comes out little thicker than the usual noodle broths. The premium Nisson Roah is surely regarded as one among the top instant yakisoba in Japan. The final taste of the Nissan road is excellent as the strong soy flavor of the broth combines with the softness of the noodles. The Nissan foods were actually the inventor of the cup noodles and it is the day-to-day food for millions of bachelors around the world. The packet includes a small vegetable sachet that has green onions too. There is a dry powder mix to enhance the flavor of the broth as it is the base for making the broth. There is liquid soup sachet and it mixed with the broth to render a perfect taste. The interesting surprise inside the pack is the sachet of pork! We can also serve it with boiled eggs to compliment the taste!

Peyang Yakisoba


Peyang Yakisoba is the next top instant yakisoba in Japan and it is much lighter with less oil content. The clean and crunchy vegetables make the noodle the most preferred one! It comes with seaweed and white pepper and they deliver a great final taste to the recipe. It is often called as the soul food of Japan. It is packed with a noodle block, a small sachet of vegetables, a sachet of classic sauce, seaweed & white pepper sachets to boost the taste. All these ingredients are ready to add while you cook the noodle and the entire process just takes less than 10 minutes so in a very short time, you can cook and enjoy the delicious noodles that are light too!

Sapporo Ichiban Sesame


Sapporo Ichiban Sesame yakisoba is slightly bigger noodles but still, it is among the top instant yakisoba in Japan. The strong sesame flavor and the final sesame seeds touch is a perfect combination. The pack comes with a block of noodle, a sachet of dry soup base, a sachet of sesame seeds, and a strong sesame-scented liquid sauce. You can serve it with boiled eggs as it doesn’t contain any meat in it. The amazing flavor is appreciated by almost all who get a chance to taste it!

Plenty of yakisoba in Japan

Well, there are lots of noodle varieties in Japan and yakisoba is one such! The fried noodle is readily available in packs with seasonings and flavoring sauces. Most of the yakisoba comes with vegetable sachets and a few include meat too! Whatever the ingredients may be, the final taste is usually tried and tested before it is made readily available in the market!