Best Onigiri tastes of Japan!

Top photo by Tuulia Arvola/Flickr

Onigiri is one of the best ever Japanese foods and is loved by millions of foreigners too! The simple yet delicious dish is served even along the roadside shops of Japan such as convenience stores. It is made with rice and stuffed with various fillings such as fish, meat, vegetables, etc. The choice of filling makes the food the most preferred among the kids!

Onigiri is a myriad of taste

Most people think that Onigiri is just a variant of Sushi! But it is not true.

Yes, Onigiri is made with plain rice after steaming whereas Sushi is made with steamed rice and then by seasoning it with vinegar, sugar, and salt.

Salmon fish

One of the tastiest fillings of onigiri is the salmon fish. It works well with mayo combination!


Just scramble the cooked salmon fish and mix with plain mayo, our job is done! Yes, we are ready with a delicious filling for perfect onigiri!

This is one such superb combination and is often regarded as one of the best onigiri tastes of Japan!

The salted salmon with a crispy skin delivers a wonderful flavor for the nigiri and those who have tried it would never leave it without finishing the whole!

For those who would like to have some sweet onigiris, then this is the apt dish for them!


The okaka is another popular filling for the best onigiri tastes! <

It has bonito flakes and is combined with other ingredients to render a sweet taste.

The colorful combination is liked by kids as it is little sweeter and tastier too!

The ready-made onigiri balls are available in convenient stores of Japan but the best onigiri tastes remain in the traditional Japanese kitchens!

The okaka if often moistened with soy sauce so that the taste is little unique. If you wish to consume any Japanese food, then this okaka filled onigiri is a wonderful recipe to taste!


The Japanese love to eat fruits too! As a proof for this statement, they fill the onigiris with fruits that are sometimes pickled!

Umeboshi is one of the best onigiri tastes of Japan and is made with salted plums or pickled plums.

The so-called ‘Ume’ or ‘Umeboshi’ is extremely sour and salty but when it is combined with onigiri, the taste is speechless!

You can find various varieties of such plums in Japan but of them all, the highest quality is the white plum named Nanko plums.

They also make pasta with these Ume but the Onigiris render really perfect taste. If you ever taste this recipe, then don’t leave this filling without tasting!

boil the shrimps

The next perfect Onigiri filling is the shrimps. We can easily make tasty recipes with shrimps and so is the case with Onigiris too!

Just boil the shrimps and add your favorite seasonings.


Now your filling is ready in minutes! The boiled shrimps are the one of the best onigiri tastes from the country and are healthy as well.

Never miss this dish as you can also make it at home by following really simpler steps!


The kombu is the next best onigiri is the one made with combo i.e., a seaweed.

it is little sweeter and saltier too. The mix up of tastes bring a burst of flavor on our tongue and gives the energy to start the day!

It is also called as kelp and everyone would appreciate after tasting it!

Tuna and Mayo

The Tuna and Mayo combination works well as a filling for onigiris.


The health benefits of tuna along with the tasty mayo is a tasty treat for the hungry stomachs!

We can also get tuna in cans and the easy availability is an advantage to make this filling at home.

The Japanese had introduced so many healthy recipes to the world and the Onigiri is undoubtedly one such recipe!

Those who taste this Onigiris would definitely love to taste it again even when that is far from Japan! Be it fish, vegetables or meat, the rice balls accept and form tastier blends!