Investing your health with Edamame beans

Top photo by Cyclonebill/Flickr

Most millenials, GenY, and GenZ will use advertised multi-vitamins and supplements in order to maintain their good health. But the consumption of these vitamins, and ultimately becoming dependent on it, often comes with a risk. It can either interfere with your brain or cause some of the body’s organs to not function properly.

As people become more aware of the possibility of long-term complications, they return to consuming organic and home-grown vitamins.

This can come in the form of fruits, vegetables, or a mixture of both. An example of which are edamame beans.

Edamame has become one of the cheapest and safest organic alternative

“Edamame is a young green soy bean harvested early. Despite it being small in size, the vegetable houses protein, calcium, Vitamin C, among others. With these, Edamame has become one of the cheapest and safest organic alternative in combating the follwing illnesses that often become evident as one ages:

1. Cardiovascular diseases

– Edamame’s protein digests the “”bad cholesterol”” that people get from the meat that we eat. Similarly, it reduces the chance of having hypertension, diabetes, and related diseases.

2. Breast cancer and prostate cancer

– Genistein, an important isoflavone in protein, can be greatly make a significance on one’s health.

3. Depression

– There is no cure in depression but it can be prevented by following your psychiatrist’s prescription. But the effect of those medications varies from one person to another. Eating edamame beans helps regulate the production of homocysteine. Too much homocysteine in the body can block the proper production of the following hormones for mood, sleep, and appetite: serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

4. Diseases brought by old-age

– As one ages, mose of the bodily functions tend to become slower than before. This means that older people are prone to encountering accidents and/or diseases. But scientists have discovered that having more soy ingredients in one’s diet reduces the chances of having age-related brain diseases. Much so with combating osteoporosis since it increases the bone density during menopause.

5. Source of Energy

– As mentioned before, Edamame beans are good sources of protein and iron. These help in making one more active and alert everyday by letting the blood flow evenly in the veins. Aside from Edamame, lentils, spinach, and dried fruits are also good sources of iron.”

Knowing the benefits of including Edamame beans in one’s diet helps in selecting the foods that one should consume. It is a form of investment in the future: that you are spending a great deal of time, effort, and money in securing that you will not have any complications when you reach a certain age.