Do-it-yourself Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

Top photo by Mudapi/Flickr

It is not uncommon to find yourself wanting to add some teriyaki sauce or to customize the sauce depending on your dish – and purchasing one might not be the best decision for you at that exact moment. So, in order to satisfy your tastebuds, here are some ingredients that you should stock in your kitchen to do your own teriyaki sauce!

“Firstly, you need to secure the following basic ingredients: soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, green onions. These are commonly found in your supermarket and easily bought during your weekly grocery chore.

By mixing these together and playing with the amount, you can make your own simple teriyaki sauce. Place the ingredients in a container and mix them with either a spoon or a hand mixer.

But if you want to stretch the flavors of your sauce, you need to have the following in your kitchen: sweet bell peppers, honey in place of the brown sugar, sake or mirin, and apricot.

Add these with the other basic ingredients mentioned above and then mix!

On another note, if you want to use the teriyaki sauce as a dip, you can also add cornstarch to make the teriyaki sauce thicker.

Note that since the cornstarch is used as a sauce thickener, adding it in small amounts to the mixture will help in controlling the sauce’s thickness.

If you have no cornstarch available in the kitchen, you can play with the brown sugar or honey to customize the sauce’s thickness.

Alternatively, you can use the teriyaki sauce as marinate to your chicken, pork, and salmon.

A number of Japanese restaurants outside Japan started using the teriyaki sauce in marinating their chicken thighs, salmon, burger patties, and sandwiches.

They left the main ingrdients with their homemade teriyaki sauce in the same container overnight, and cooked it the next day.

Lastly, a chef tried using the teriyaki sauce as an alternative to the usual pasta sauce. She used a wok or a skillet in combining the teriyaki sauce ingredients.

After a minute, she added the cooked noodles and stir fried them. You can also add either tempura vegetables like lettuce to the pasta or teriyaki-flavored chopped chicken. You can also add these both at the same time!”

What is great in creating your own teriyaki sauce is that you can customize your dish’s flavor in teriyaki.

Your chicken can now be cooked as a teriyaki chicken, aside from the usual fried or roasted. Likewise, you are adding and re-creating an old dish in your food repertoir to a new.

There are endless possiblities once you improvise in the kitchen!