Best Teriyaki Restaurants that you should visit

Top photo by Karen/Flickr

The teriyaki chicken dish originated in Japan and has been known for its flavourful taste. But with the rise of globalization in the modern society, the teriyaki chicken dish was “exported” to different continents. Its exotic taste gained popularity in the United States and Europe. Restaurants started adding the teriyaki chicken in their menu. Here are just some of the restaurants that you should check-out:

Teriyaki Restaurants

1. Kimono Ken (Philippines)

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– This Japanese resturant in the Philippines has been altered the teriyaki chicken to suit Filipino taste buds – by making it crunchy! Their Crunchy Chicken Teriyaki menu uses chickent thigh instead of the traditional chicken breast. The menu also expanded to Chicken Teriyaki Roll, with mango, lettuce, and sesame seed, and Chicken Teriyaki Salad.

2. Pete’s Teriyaki House (United States)

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– Based in California, Pete’s Teriyaki House allows you to have your chicken teriyaki in either white meat or dark meat, with a bowl of rice. You can also upgrade it and add tempura vegetables and cucumber salad. They also specialize in serving Fried Chicken with tempura vegetables, steam rice, and cucumber salad.

3. Osaka Japanese Dining Bar (Australia)

– This Brisbane Japanese resturant has a plethora of dishes to offer: from entrees to rice bows, to tempura and sushi rolls. Aside from the usual chicken teriyaki rice bowl, they have sizzling teriyaki platters. You can choose from chicken, beef, salmon, seafood, bulgogi, pork, tofu, and customize its level of spiciness.

4. Wasabi (United Kingdom)


– Although a bit pricey, this Japanese restaurant in Wales, United Kingdom has explored the combination of the traditional teriyaki sauce and salmon, served in a Bento box. Their green dragon sushi is also recommended by previous customers.

5. Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant (Malaysia)

– A combination of bar and dining restaurant, Rakuzen’s grilled chicken teriyaki is served as a set meal with steamed rice, miso soup, a platter of fresh fruits, and vegetables. The bar menu houses traditional Japanese sake, Hokkaido wine, sochu, Japanese whiskey, and premium red wine, to drink with your ordered food.

Japanese cuisine has proliferated to other continents at a rapid speed. It might have started from local businessmen who wanted to share the taste of Japan to his fellow locals or through a Japanese local directly exporting their culture. Regardless of how it started, one cannot deny that Japanese cuisine — and chicken teriyaki, specifically, will now be part of modern Japanese cuisine.