For your Teriyaki menu : Know how to buy the right chicken

Top photo by Allegresse7/Flickr

It can be overwhelming when doing grocery for the first time, especially if you’re tasked to buy ingredients for the main course. Most people will simply proceed to the supermarket and trust the friendly staff on which chicken would be the best one to buy? But what if the grocery staff does not know how to pick the right one, too?

The safest way to determine the right chicken for your teriyaki dish is to know how to prepare and cook it yourself.

tips that you need to remember to determine the right chicken for your teriyaki dish

In general, here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

1. No preservatives or additional antibiotics

– Raising chickens are challenging but the quality of their meat should not be compromised during the process. The antibiotics and/or preservatices fed to the chickens during their growth might affect the consumers in the long run. Should the available chicken in the market have preservatives, it is highly suggested to refrain from patronizing them.

2. Organic and natural way of chicken growth

– Aside from securing the food that they eat, the chickens should not be placed under a stressful environment, moreso when they are already ready to be butchered. Chickens raised under stressful conditions release hormones, just like humans, when they are placed in dangerous situations. That said hormones are mixed with the meat of the chicken and if consumed by humans, it may pose various long-term effects.

3. Seal of approval

– To give assurance to the general public, government agencies started regulating the chicken production. Some poultry manufacturers seals have already received the government’s approval for their compliance with the safety regualtions in their production. Since the chicken production already followed standardization from the government, it is best to consume these chicken instead of relying to the recommendation of the grocery staff.

Likewise, instead of going to the grocery and asking the staff which of the follwing chickens available follow the abovementioned tips, Japanese chicken manufacturers are already labelling their products as such.

Japanese chicken manufacturers

These are:

1. Nipponham


– This Japanese group of companies secured an SQF certification for their world-class standards in raising and producing poultry, hogs, cattle, marine, and dairy products. They aim to serve fresh and quality ingredients for comsumers in Japan, Australia, Middle East, and Asia.

2. Family Mart


– Being the second largest convenience store in the world, Family Mart aims to make available to your lifestyle fresh and quality food. In their menu, they have baked thigh chicken teriyaki. They recommend consuming it as your side dish or a snack at any time of the day or night.

3. TopValue

– Using the “top” and “value” as their company name, TopValu aims to provide the cheapest manufacturer, from clothing to house appliances, without compromising the quality. As for the food, they offer tasty charcoal grilled thigh meat chicken teriyaki. The food’s packaging displays the ingredients that they used in order to warn patrons who are allergic to egg, wheat, soybean, chicken, milk, sesame, pork, and yams.

4. Ito Ham Inc.

– Focusing on meat production and selling meat-related pre-cooked dishes since 1928, Ito Ham has been feeding Japan’s meat consumers with quality products. Their teriyaki chicken was made more flavorful with a touch of mirin in the teriyaki sauce. The chicken was also baked directly in flames to retain the juciness of the meat.

Interestingly enough, the common denominator of these Japanese manufacturers is serving their fellow countrymen with fresh and delicious foods without sacrificing their respective lifestlye. The respect for time in Japanese culture and how they value the food that they eat, clearly manifests with the set of examples – and that’s just for chicken teriyaki dish!