Do 90% of Japanese mobile phones have waterproof function? There is a certain woman’s needs..

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90% of Japanese smartphones with waterproof function?

According to China’s news media reported, it was announced that approximately 90 to 95% of Japanese smartphones are waterproof. Actually, the special needs of Japan hidden behind the background, in fact there was a secret in the use of Japanese women.

History of entering a bathtub in Japan

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Some of you know that there is a habit of entering a bathtub as it is famous for its Japanese hot springs. The bathtub has long been a relaxing and unwinding time from work tiredness and stress.

In modern times, there is a need in Japan to say that many Japanese women seem to be big smartphone users while in the bath as they use their devices while they relax.

Panasonic’s board of directors also replied in an interview before, and it seems that the fact that the waterproof function has become so popular in Japan is that the function loading that responded to this women’s needs began.

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Actually, I am also a male, but there are certain times when I am afraid of watching YouTube, drama, movies, variety etc in the bath. Since I personally am still using an iPhone that is not waterproof whatsoever, I surely will be disappointed if I accidentally drop my smartphone in the water. But if you have a waterproof function you will be able to do it with confidence.

However, for those who don’t have a smartphone that is not waterproof, the following waterproofing methods to use while in the bath are introduced in Japan.

waterproofing methods in the bath in Japan

zip case zip lock

Depending on the type of zip lock, touch operation sensitivity is not affected.


Products dedicated to zip case

A dedicated waterproof case can be used in the bath or kitchen. If you can withdraw money, I would like to buy a special case.


Unmarked smart waterproof case

Smartphone stand

This is the best item if you want to use it outside of the bath.


Speaker only for bath

This is not a smartphone, but speakers to take a bath are also sold in Japan.


Finally, since there is a danger that you can extend it if you take a bath for a long time, there is a danger of being able to be lifted, so please try to have a pleasant bathing smartphone that is careful.