Instant Udon Ranking

The instant udon is much popular among the Japanese and is carried to other parts of the world.

Almost every kid of this generation loves to eat instant udon and we can make it healthy by adding the right ingredients.

Let us review the best instant udon to be bought for making excellent noodles!

1. Myojo Ippeichan Yakisoba Japanese Style Instant Udon


It is one of the traditional dishes that Japanese make and it tastes great! We can get it in smaller as well as bigger packs of 12.

So you can arrange a party with bigger packs and can save more money. The taste and quality of the instant udon never get lowered under any circumstances.

It is one of the best-sought noodles of all community people of Japan. The dried vegetables, mustard mayonnaise, and spicy soy sauce makes it yummier and tummy filling!

Try this fantastic Instant udon and it is available in online stores as well! It costs $ 0.67 per ounce but you need to buy in packs and not as ounces.

2. Instant Udon with Fried Tofu


The Nissin Donbei Kitsune Instant Udon comes with fried tofu to taste better and delicious too!

The strong taste is loved by millions of people and some even become addicted to it!

It is nothing wrong taking it daily as it is filled with energy-rich and protein-rich tofu! The fried version of it makes it yummier and try it for sure.

You can try this awesome Instant udon if you’re not concerned about the cost. It costs $ 1.27 per ounce.

3. Maruchan Seiman Japanese Instant Udon Curry Soup

Are you ready for the winter season? We usually buy woolen clothes and leather jackets to protect us from the cold outside.

But what about to protect your body from the inside? If you have not taken any such measure, then get this Maruchan Seiman Curry Soup from Japanese Cuisine.

It tastes great with the hot curry flavor and it is apt to handle the cold seasons!

A pack of 16.7 ounces Maruchan Seiman Instant udon costs $13.49 US dollars and you should book it in advance as it is one of the most highly sought noodles!

4. NongShim Tempura Udon Noodle Bowl

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It is an extraordinary udon that serves mild broth along with tempura and fish cakes. The recipe is awarded the best chefs best by the American Culinary Institute.

Most importantly, it is going t take just a few minutes of your time to get cooked. Unlike other udon, it does not contain MSG or Trans Fat.

It is mainly made in South Korea and distributed to other parts of the world.
It just costs $0.35 US per ounce and you can enjoy a delightful dinner with high-quality ingredients!

5. Akai Kitsune Udon

The Marychan Akai Kitsune is a favorite noodle for many Japanese. It is thicker and is mostly served with Tofu.

The soup making is really simpler as one has to just empty the contents to a bowl and pour some hot water. Wait for just 5 minutes and the instant udon is ready!

The Instant Udon costs $1.49 per ounce and is simply delicious!

Instant Udon is what we think as an unhealthy food but it is not so as it is filled with nutrient-rich ingredients that have some health benefits to make you strong from the inside!


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