Homemade Cup of Noodles – Must Try Best Recipes

Noodle is one of the favorite recipes for people of all ages around the world.

The easiness in its making and servings make it a perfect dish for any type of social gathering.

We go a step further to come up with the homemade cup of noodles that can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 to 5 days.

Also, it gets ready instantly whenever we wish to eat it! All you need to do is prepare your homemade cup of noodles with your favorite vegetables & proteins and store it cool.

Let’s get started to explore the best recipes with respect to the homemade cup of noodles now.

1. Quick & Easy Warm Noodle Soup

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It’s a great recipe when winter approaches and kids would love to have it every day! Just place a teaspoon of a stock base and some flavor boost inside a cup.

Make sure the cup has a top lid so that you can store it. Arrange a layer of proteins, then cooked & dried noodles and finally the vegetables.

Cover it with a lid and its ready to be stored in a refrigerator.Our warm homemade cup of noodles can be quickly done just by heating it with a cup of water, after taking from the refrigerator.

Have it hot and enjoy your winters in warmth!

2. Cup of Hot Noodles

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It’s recommended to have mild noodles every day but we cannot resist that hot taste at least once a week!

For those who love a hot taste, here is the recipe for how to make homemade cup of noodles. Take a jar with a lid and place some chopped vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, carrot, etc.

Then place some noodles and top it with chili paste, soup stock paste, miso and curry paste. Squeeze half a lemon and just close the lid to store it.

Cook the cup of hot noodles whenever you wish to have some chilies touching your tongue!

3. Tofu Cup of Noodles

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Here is another interesting and healthy homemade cup of noodles recipe.

For those who like to eat some nourishing and healthy food, then they should try it! Add some diced tofu into a jar and place the noodles over it.

Next, to it, place a layer of veggies and flavor boost. Sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves on the top and close the lid. It’s ready!

Serve it hot after heating in a microwave for at least 5 minutes, The healthy and tasty tofu cup of noodle also makes a good appetizer too!

4. Instant Egg Noodle Cup

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Almost all kids love to eat eggs and it is healthier too! Most importantly we can prepare it in just 5 minutes or less! Let’s cook a cup of egg noodle now.

Just boil 2 eggs and cut it into halves after peeling the outer shell.

You can spread a layer of chilly sauce over the flat surface of the eggs or leave it as such for a plain taste.

Place the eggs at the bottom of a cup and arrange the noodles & vegetable layers one after the other. Close it and store.

The protein-rich whole eggs are nutritional as well a good start to a day! So have this yummy recipe for your breakfast and stay active throughout the day!

5. Shitake Mushroom Homemade Noodle Cup

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Mushrooms are just as healthy non-vegetarian dishes for a person that is vegetarian. But most of just skip this type of veggie.

Let’s make a yummy dish with shitake mushrooms and miso sauce. Just chop the mushrooms, capsicums, and other vegetables. Place those inside a jar after placing a teaspoon of miso sauce.

Then place the noodles and a layer of baby spinach. Close it and store for a good mushroom feast!The shitake mushrooms provide enough nutrition and keep your fit as well!

We are done with the best recipes of the homemade cup of noodles and make sure you try each of these! Get ready for this tasty treat that you’ll bound to love!

Japanese cup noodles ” nissin ”