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Winter business suit coordination is best combined with Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down

Don’t you have those times where you have to wear a suit when the weather is a bit on the cold side? I’m sure all of us has experienced this at some point. Did you know that these days in Japan it is quite the norm to wear a casual inner piece inside of your suit?

Let’s check out the reason why it is especially popular in Japan than in other countries.

A thick outer coat is just not as stylish


In places like the U.S. or Canada, people usually match thin inner wear based on their outer most layer, but in Japan, it is considered not as stylish. It seems that there are many people who like to wear coats that are not too bulky and prefer layering lots of thin and warm inner pieces together. Also, it seems that there are many people who do not like the appearance of the body looking dull with thick outerwear. As keeping the body warm during the cold winter season is important to people in Japanese, dressing warm in style is as equally important!

Actually tried to wear inner with suit

Let’s listen to the story from the person who actually wore it.

Light, warm and easy to carry


Many people want to be stylish in the winter as well, so it seems that thin and light inner like UNIQLO’s Ultra Light Down has developed. Initially released in 2009, Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down became a signature item during the winter season. Since it is reasonably price at approximately 4,000 Japanese yen, it’s no wonder why the Ultra Light Down has become a super outstanding functional piece for winter wear! It enters this small back all, so it’s a compact inner that you can carry around anytime. It does not matter if this suddenly gets cold if there is one Ultra Light Down in this winter. I personally recommend the writer.

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