Highly Recommended Highballs in Japan

Top photo by Oxygen_JP/Flickr

Highball hype of Japan

At the same time, while highballs are cocktails in a pretty straightforward sense, Japan has evolved to creating not only a spirited refreshing drink but also an art in itself.

“It’s a delicate balance,” says a bar owner and bartender of a popular cocktail haven in the USA. However, it is fast becoming a specialty in Japan where it is second nature to achieve all stuff – great and small into perfection and craftmanship that goes beyond spirits, flavors and ice. While largely offered in bars, most highballs are also readily available in cans, preserving its light spirity taste in the convenience of a can.

We’ve listed the top 3 highball choices in Japan:


This vodka based highball is spiked with select fruity flavored distilled water. Made by Kirin, these highballs are a select concoction of vodka in alcohol strenghts ranging from 4% to 9%. Fruity flavors abound as you could choose from lemon, grape fruit, plum, coconut water and yes, even Chardonnay.


This highball mix is released by Seven Eleven, which is undoubtedly budget friendly but nonetheless rich in taste. At 6% alcohol, Souhi is available in flavors to include lemon, apple and grape fruit.


In the Japanese parlance, Horyoi would mean to get tipsy. In a happy manner, drinking Suntory’s Horoyoi would make one just feel light and refreshed. With only 3% alcohol, one could take as many as they could without the overbearing fear of getting drunk. Just perfect to wind up your day. These come in a variety of flavors to include white soda, casis and orange, grape soda, peach grape fruit, iced tea and soda, gingeer and lemon, honey and lemon and wheeewww…even Coca Cola.

Skip your draft beer. Drink a highball.

While Japan is home to perfection, with some highball experts counting on stirs of each ingredient mixed or of the glass’ temperature or the size of the ice, it is also made possible to enjoy highball at the comforts of where you are with less hassle in preparation.

Suntory, being a leader in whisky, has introduced new ways to enjoy highball. As if proverbial, it has been said by a known bar manager “Instead of draft beer, people are (now) drinking highballs.” With the proliferation of highballs in can, we see more and more an upsurge of demand for this drink.