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Best Tasting Calbee Potato Chips

Calbee, king of snacks in Japan, offers among its product lines potato chips. These are hot sellers as Japan is a country that loves potatoes and those that are prepared and packed crispy and crunchy.

The news of potato shortage sometime April 2017, sent snack lovers almost emptying Calbee potato chips shelves in groceries. With all that panic, I wouldn’t want to read as writing for something as would be an endangered specie. Instead, I would love to mention a few of Calbee’s best potato chips, in the hope that potato production would get all the support it needs and that supplies would get back to tip top shape for potato chips lovers such as I.

Calbee Lightly Salted

Lightly salted, or Calbee Usushio flavor, is Calbee’s standard potato chips.

People who are health conscious could no less than agree that Calbee made a hit here by offerring chips that tastes so good but with little salt contained. One could easily open bag after bag without the drag of salt in the buds.

These are perfect for snacking and goes along well with beer, if you’re up for it.

Calbee Consomme Punch

Think of the Consomme soup and its savory flavor! Now, Calbee has infused this taste with their Consomme Punch Potato Chips.

It distinctively tastes of rich meat and vegetables, just like in the well loved soup, that keeps one digging for more. A Consomme Punch lover said “I can’t put my finger on it…it’s like ramen, but very classy ramen.”

Calbee Seaweed and Salt

It’s a known fact that seaweeds are loved by Japanese. And I can say, personally, that while I do like all Calbee potato chis, the Seaweed and Salt flavor is by far my favorite.

With just one bite, one could easily distinguish the exquisite taste of seaweeds. In a good note, too, the taste is just right and not overpowering.

This flavor is indeed a real treat!

Calbee Shoyu and Mayo

Capturing still Japan’s favored flavors, Calbee released its Shoyu (soy sauce) and Mayo (mayonnaise). It is a perfect concoction of saltiness derived from the soy sauce and the rich flavor attributed to the mayonnaise.

This is what one avid buyer has to say “Okay, so soy sauce and mayo sounds weird, but it works… If you like ramen soup flavors and are tired of kettle chips, you may like these. I haven’t found anyone yet who doesn’t. ”

There are much more and this is not an exhaustive list as Calbee is known to come up with exciting flavors each time.

We do fervently hope though that potato production would go alright and in shape. Couldn’t wait to grab my Calbee potato chips, and munch on the many flavors it offers.


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