What are the Best Kewpie Products?

When it is mayonnaise, it’s Kewpie in Japan.

In the business since 1925, Kewpie is the leading mayonnaise brand in Japan and has began penetrating other countries as well.

Kewpie’s best products are known for the choicest finest ingredients, a technology that has been perfected throughout the century and convenience and safety in packaging. Kewpie even makes it a point to complete care on its value chain – from the chicken that hatches eggs used in its products, to the inspection of oils used, and up to the brewing of its vinegar content with focus on checking the color, flavor and aroma.

Here are some of Kewpie’s best products in the market today:

Kewpie Standard Mayonnaise

This is considered the flagship product of Kewpie. Rich in egg, as it uses only egg yolk, it is well suited for salad, sandwiches, sushi and a lot more.

Entering the global market, Kewpie labored to suit the flavors of its standard mayonnaise to the culture, demand and taste preference of its local consumers. Today, Kewpie standard mayonnaise are sold in also in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, USA and Europe.

Kewpie Sweet Type Mayonnaise

Kewpie also offers sweet tasting mayonnaise. These are perfect for bread fillings and as dips or dressing for fruits and salads.

Aside from Japan, this variant is available in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam where sweet blend mayonnaise are more favored.

Kewpie Half Calorie

Afraid of the calorie load and the toll on weight? Kewpie simply makes it possible through their innovative technology to cut into half the calorie content of its mayonnaise.

These are available in Japan, China, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Now one could indulge in mayonnaise laden dishes without feeling a single tinge of guilt for their health and weight.

Easily Available

Kewpie products are commonly available in all groceries, supermarkets and convenience store in Japan. These are prominently displayed in shelves, and could easily be located through its brand figure – a lovable boy that looks like cupid.

And if you’re into mayo and up for an adventure, you could also visit the Kewpie Mayonnaise Cafe in Tokyo’s Shibuya district or Nagoya city in Aichi prefecture.. There you get to taste the goodness of authentic Kewpie mayonnaise with snacks or dinner items they love.


Here are some feedback from avid Kewpie lovers here and abroad:

“I absolutely love Kewpie mayonnaise! It reminds me of my two wonderful tours in Japan. I frequented a local shop that specialized in BLT sandwiches and could never recreate the taste until I discovered Kewpie mayo on Amazon.com.”

“Kewpie is so so great – the best!”

“I love the Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise so much, I always have one in my fridge.”

So what are you waiting for? Try one and try all, and as Kewpie states – spread, dip or top your “love around the kitchen table!”


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