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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Calbee Kappa Ebisen

Ebisen Kappa Calbee are shrimp flavored snacks from Calbee. It has been in the market since 1964 and has grown popular in Japan’s snack scene and has been distributed to at least 12 other countries in the world.

Made from shrimp, wheat flour, starch, sugar and vegetable oil, Ebisen Kappa presents itself as pluffy bite size sticks that is very light and non-greasy – just perfect for snacks.

Light, Fluffy Goodness

Ebisen Kappa Calbee takes its roots from deep fried crackers that are popular in Asia, and specially in Indonesia and Malaysia. This savory treat was introduced by Calbee in the 1960’s and has since then become a staple favorite in Japan.

What makes Ebisen Kappa Calbee is its unique balance of saltiness and sweetness which makes the shrimp flavor stand out. As light and fluffy as each stick is, Ebisen Kappa is crispy and crunchy without the guilt of taking in too much oil or calories as would be in the case of ordinary fried crackers.

Made from the Finest

As a leading snack producer in Japan, Calbee takes pride in ensuring that ingredients used for its products are from the finest.

In the case of Ebisen Kappa, shrimps are carefully selected. While fresh, these are also frozen up to -30°C and transported to the factory. Now in the factory, shrimps in their entirety (including the shell and the head) are finely grounded and mixed with the dough.

You would notice red specks on the Ebisen Kappa sticks, and it’s outright telling you that there are real shrimps on it. Not just that, but because the shrimps are grounded whole, you are also sure that all nutrients are intact.

Surprising Varieties

Ebisen Kappa is just about a bag full of surprises as today aside from the basic shrimp flavor, one gets to be treated to other home grown and home loved flavors. There is the garlic soy-sauce, lemon, cheese, Mitsugake, and would you believe – strawberry! So whether one likes it plain or would go adventurous on taste, there’s simply an Ebisen Kappa for everyone.

Try ‘Em Freshly Cooked

If you happen to be in Hiroshima, it is also good to check out the Snack Kitchen my Calbee, where they offer Ebisen Kappa cooked right before your eyes. It is no wonder too, that with Ebisen Kappa’s popularity, one literally has to get a ticket and line up just to buy, taste and bring home some of these goodies. Even more exciting is that these shops offer flavors that aren’t out for the packed product.


It is of little wonder why Ebisen Kappa has remained a favorite snack in Japan…enjoyed in homes, in bars, in solo or in groups.

The taste is so remarkable that it feels an LSS (last song syndrome) that goes “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Calbee, Kappa Ebisen.”


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