Why Jagarico is Top of my Grocery List

Jagarico is always top of my grocery list!

Having a fast-paced, busy schedule and always on-the-go lifestyle, eating something healthy,covenient but tasty, at times could be a challenge. Well, that was before I picked up Jagarico on the grocery shelf, tried one bite on the crunchy potato stick and became an instant fan.

Potato Sticks With Endless Possibilities

Potato sticks are common and grocery shelves would never run out of one. Jagarico, being one of them, is a potato sticks in a tub manufactured by Calbee – Japan’s healthy snack giant.

First released in the market in 1995, Jagarico took Japan by storm with these incredibly crunchy, crispy and tasty potato sticks. It has remained strong and expanded its market globally to include other Asian countries and the USA. And…would you believe that since then, Jagarico has produced more than 100 flavors and counting!

Why I Love Jagarico So Much

Taste really matters. For a conventional potato stick, one anticipates the flavor to be just like ordinary salt or butter. With Jagarico, one distinctly tastes the potato on it with just one bite. Then, there’s this kick of salt and just the right flavor of rich butter and herbs.

Jagarico’s best selling flavors are the classic cheese and butter potato, then there is also salad, cod roe and soy sauce. But the list does not end there…from time to time Jagarico releases flavors on a limited edition. These include regional flavors well loved in Japan.

Packed for Freshness and Convenience

It is also very convenient as they come in handy in a cup-like container that is about 60 grams. These containers are air-tight sealed to ensure crisp and freshness of each Jagarico stick. Taking just one bite, you would instantly realize how crispy and crunchy each stick. Crispy like potato fries but not as thick as those, and cruncy like potato chips but with absolutely less grease.

As they come in these containers, they are perfect table or car companions and one is certain that they won’t spill over messy as would be in plastic or foil bags. I have these at home, at work and just about anywhere. Well, what’s a big plus is that you could easily grab a Jagarico conveniently in groceries and stores near you.

Great for Sharing

Jagarico is also great for sharing with family, friends, and visitors. I stash away several for those occassions. And it is simply awesome how I get complimented when serving Jagarico!

One visiting friend told me that as he was back in the US, he felt nostalgia and missed Japan as he snacked a potato stick there. I recall him messaging, “It isn’t the same as Jagarico’s cheese flavor. You get a lot of the cheesy powdery stuff coated on the stick here and there Jagarico is cheese baked-in.” Another friend said that Jagarico is so crunchy and tasty that her children loves it too.


Well, you bet, I’m glad I bumped to Jagarico on that grocery shelf and never let go since then.

Try one, it’s worth a potato and more!


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