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Finger Licking Goodness of Jagabee : Calbee

Where chips and potato sticks are too off-common, there’s Jagabee as a perfectly delicious surprise.

Jagabee is an innovative brand from Calbee – the leader of snack items in Japan. True to form, Jagabee has established popularity and is fast rising to be a favorite snack items not only in Japan but also in other

Real Deal

Thick…whole cut…potato crisps. That’s what the bag tells. I ripped opened one and looking at its appearance, one would easily note that these are made from real potatoes. Each stick looks like a potato cut with its skin.

But that’s not just the end of it. Boy, am I surprised at how these sticks are just so yummy. It’s like eating fries but a surprisingly crispier version! There’s only a light tinge of saltiness, not too strong as would most ordinary potato sticks and chips would taste. One bite and you would taste warmly steamed or mashed potato exploding in your mouth.

Crispy and Perfect for Grab and Go

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Taste is a big thing, but convenience for a snack item is also important. I’m just glad that Jagabee, like its equally popular co-brand Jagarico, comes in cup-like containers. They are very convenient to grab and go.

It is also tightly air sealed so much so that the crispiness of each stick is guaranteed. Well, not only due to packaging…Jagabee’s crispiness is attributed to its vacuum frying technology which is far better than the deep frying technique of cooking fries in fast food chains.

There’s One For All

I would go for the light salted anytime. Classic flavors are simply my favorite as it makes me feel I’m home.

However, Jagabee is also known for releasing flavors that captures the tastes of regions in Japan. Jagabee also come in soy sauce and limited editions of plum and salt and cheese potato. New flavors are also something to look forward to as Calbee is known to innovate and create trends in the snacking world’s taste.

If its From Calbee, It Must Be Good

As mentioned, Jagabee is a Calbee brand. In fact its name is derived from the combination of the words “jagaimo” which is potato and Calbee. This affirms that Calbee indeed is the Potato Snack Master in Japan.

Calbee makes it to perfection, not only in terms of taste and packaging but even down to the line of its brand character. Seeing the happy looking and plump potato figure in each bag makes one instantly feeling good.


Convinced to try? You wouldn’t be sorry for it. It just takes one bite and you can’t help it yourself but finish them all – and yes, finger-lick to keep that savory taste a last shot. I know it, because I did!


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