All those Snacky Goodness Called Calbee :japan brand

Calbee is nearly synonymous to snacks in Japan.

Originating in Japan and since 1949, Calbee has dominated the country’s snack food market. Today Calbee can be found in countries such as China, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

With only crackers as its initial offer, Calbee has grown to offer different innovative products. Here are a few of Calbee Japan’s best:

1. Calbee Potato Chips

Chips are a big deal in Japan and Calbee happens to be the potato chips master.

Calbee offers different chips flavors. There is the Potato Chips Lightly Salted, Kata-age Potato Lightly Salted and the Pizza Potato Chips. My personal favorite is the Pizza Potato Chips with the chips rightly cooked, crisp in its ruffled-style cut. A tasty treat, the Pizza Potato chips has pizza flavoring and have specks of melted cheese generously sprinkled over each piece.

2. Calbee Kappa Ebisen

Kappa Ebisen is considered to be one of Calbee’s signature snack item. With shrimp as its base, these light snacks in stick like form resembles the “Krupuk” of Indonesia. First introduced in 1964, Kappa Ebisen has enjoyed patronage all over Japan and are a popular choice in Karaoke bars.

Kappa Ebisen comes in plain shrimp, curry and wasabi flavors.

3. Jagarico

Jagarico is potato sticks packed in cup like containers. But, hey wait, these are not conventional potato sticks. Parsley, carrots, cheese and other ingredients are carefully kneaded with the potato to give it a distinctively delicious flavor.

There are also many flavors to choose from – more than one hundred in fact!

4. Calbee Frugra

Frugra is granola in its finest form. With oats, nuts and different fruits, Calbee Frugra is perfect to start one’s day each morning less the hassle and bustle of breakfast preparations.

Calbee Frugra is also popular for its crunch that even when lightly soaked in milk, each granola bit does not taste soggy.

Here is where to buy!

Can’t get enough of Calbee? There are stores called Calbee Plus that sells its wide array of popular products. Its line up also include the serving of freshly fried and cooked food that you can’t find anywhere else.

Here is a list of Calbee Plus shops in Japan:



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