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Why Calbee Granola is Not Just Your Ordinary Cereal

Calbee Granola is definetely not just one’s ordinary granola.

Imagine… taking a spoonful of the cereal and distinctively tasting different grains and fruits…and so crunchy even after a short soak with milk.

But that’s not just about it. Calbee Granola is top of its line and here are the reasons why:

The Granola Craze

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Granola has long been a popular food for breakfast and snacks. Made from oats, nuts, honey and fruits, granolas are perfect for people who are on the go but are also health conscious. While it can be eaten plain, granola are also perfect to combine with milk, yogurt or honey.

More and more people have began eating granola as it is nutritious, high in calories, easy to pack and light to carry. Today, granola has been served and eaten in different variations. Some would mixed in fresh fruits, use it as toppings for ice cream and desserts, and bake bars from it.

Calbee Frugra’s Same Recipe over Decades

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Frugra of Calbee Granola in Japan has been in the market for about 20 years now. Since then, Calbee Granola has preserved its original recipe. Made from different kinds of roasted grains and dried fruits.

The dried fruits mixed in the granola makes the difference. Where other granola would have just one or two fruits infused, Frugra has strawberries, apples, papaya and raisins. Adding to the crunch is almond and papaya seeds.

Calbee offers this goodies in two affordable and covenient pouches. One is at 380 grams and 800 grams. What’s even best is that Calbee Frugra is one of the most affordable cerials in Japan that does not compromise quality over value.

It Represents Change

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Calbee Granola is well loved in Japan, specially by working moms. It is no small wonder as Calbee Granola has redefined the way granola is viewed in Japan. Unlike its western counterparts, Japanese think of granola as a sweet snack item. This changed when Calbee re-introduced Frugra as an easy-to-prepare, time-saving breakfast that doesn’t compromise nutritional values.

Back at Calbee’s, Yumiko Aboshi, Calbees Brand Manager for Frugra, is considered to be responsible in turning the wheels of how granola are perceived which results to triple revenues for Calbee. Herself a mother, Aboshi is concerned on how women are often in a hurry and pressured to balance work-career with their responsibilities at home. Which is why, the Calbee Granola is perfect as it liberates working women from the needed time in preparing good breakfast for their children while preparing themselves for work. A local online newspaper even called Aboshi “The Woman Who Knows Consumer Best.” Well, it really takes one to understand one.

Calbee Granola does not just equate to good cereal…not just taste, and not just affodability and convenience. More than anything else, Frugra is showing that quality can be achieved efficiently and that this is a positve change for the busy, stressful Japanese contemporary lifestyle.

Calbee is Beefing up its Production

As a ready source of 8 different vitamins plus its high dietary fiber content, Calbee Granola is clearly a good way to jumpstart one’s day. It has even become a staple for breakfast next to rice and bread.

While working women and mothers are among those who favor Calbee Granola, this amazing product has also become an instant favorite among students, teens, and adults alike.

As the demand for Calbee Granola grows, Calbee is said to be geared to increase its granola production by 40% and even do wide-scale exports to neighboring countries such as China by 2018. Proof that Calbee Granola is well demanded not only in Japan but also in growing number of countries abroad.


The list is non-exhaustive and could go more. However, in my modest opinion, Calbee Granola is a leading brand.

It’s the taste, nutriotional value, convenience, brand pride and the change that it espouses that I liked most. Bet you would agree on that.


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