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Why Tommy Lee Jones likes the Suntory Boss cofee?

Boss coffee, the brand of Japanese famous company known as Suntory, launched in 1992. Boss coffee is found in sold in small cans, which is the unique thing about it. This is one of the widely known products most often seen in the hands of hardworking salarymen who crave that boost of energy to get through their day.

It has the content of 185~30 grams, calories 100grams per / 35Kcalories and contains milk, sugar, sugar, coffee and skimmed milk powder. One of the Boss coffee that has the Rainbow Mountain blends and due to that it is famous by the name of Rainbow Mountain. The Boss brand has an extensive range lineup of various flavors in their espresso beans, without sugar or sugar included, and diverse measures of the milk.

Tommy was the model of Japanese comercial for the Boss coffee

In 2011, Tommy Lee Jones, a famous American actor, played a role in a Japanese commercial for the Suntory product namely Boss, which has got quite famous and received more over 200,000 views and Tommy Lee Jones earned million dollars with the run of Boss coffee commercial, according to a Japanese television media.

Tommy Lee Jones himself likes Boss coffee very much as he expressed in many interviews that he just loves the Boss coffee and he enjoys the coffee whenever he comes to Japan. The consumer reviews of Boss coffee have positive ratings and it has maintained a overall 4 star ranking.

Most people praise about the packaging of Boss coffee as it is available in the can and you can bring it to anywhere and can purchase easily from convenience stores, supermarkets and vending machines. You can always enjoy a nice can of hot or cold Boss Coffee at an cheap price if you feel the need for that energy boost or simply if you just enjoy the taste of fresh coffee.

But you have to be careful when you take coffee

There are many health benefits of the coffee along with the disadvantages also. Coffee helps you in reducing your weight and the people who drinks coffee having the less chances of cancer. Coffee protects your body and your mind. Coffee makes your mood good and it helps you fight from the depression and stress.

The disadvantages include the people sometime become addicted because the coffee is having the caffeine which is harmful for the health. Coffee is not good for the pregnant women also. It can cause restlessness and insomnia and it can cause you death if you take the great amount of coffee in a very short time period.

Every drink has some advantages and disadvantages also, make sure to take them in the limits. Some of the girl friends get jealous from coffee when their boyfriends say that coffee is their first love..:p

Canned coffe is comfortable and easy to carry out

Coffee, espresso or cappuccino, they all may seem the same for most people but there are actually minor differences between them all. People really like to have coffee while they are working and need to stay alert (or awake) or sometimes at those cold nights when the feeling is just to crawl under the blankets.

People of all ages from adults, youngsters and elderly people love to drink coffee. Fresh coffee is available at many cafes these days as you have to visit a café in order to get the coffee you wanted. As the advancement is touching all the sectors, similarly it does to coffee. Now, coffee is available in the cans just for the convenience of customers.

You can purchase coffee from any shop and can keep it at home to enjoy whenever you want, even at midnight. Boss coffee, the product of Suntory, a Japanese company brought this revolution in coffee industry to Japan.

Now, the people in Japan don’t need to wait for the opening of the cafes, they can have the coffee at anytime, anywhere. You can bring the Boss canned coffee while travelling and camping also.


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