Why Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to eat instant cup noodles?

Noodle is the very old and popular food of Japan. The people of Japan like to eat the noodles very much and they use noodles in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They use their trendy chopsticks to eat the noodle which is the unique thing about them. Nissin, the famous Japanese food company, launched their product namely cup noodles in 1971.

Before that, Noodles were not available in cups, Nissin brought this revolution to the noodles japanese cuisine and launched their instant cup noodles.

Instant cup noodles are available in different tasty flavors. Nissin offers different kind of instant cup noodles i.e. spicy, non sticky and non-spicy ones. Nissin is at the top and number one Company of instant cup noodles.

He played a model for instant noodle

U.S. actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger who is a most notably a famous and popular actor/bodybuilder, did a commercial for Nissin in 1990.

The commercial became very famous and people start buying the instant cup noodles after watching the commercial because Arnold Schwarzenegger performed very well in the commercial of Nissin instant cup noodles.

It was a very funny ad also. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that he himself likes to eat the noodles very much and he thinks that non-sticky flavored noodles can change your mood anytime.

The reviews by different people on the Nissin instant cup noodles are also very good. Some people say that Nissin cup noodles is an awesome brand and the one who has launched it in cups is genius.

It is easy and simple to make and very tasty in taste and its price is affordable. Another customer said that she is very happy to see that these instant cup noodles are having iron also which is so good for her children.

Almost all the customer had given the 5 starts to Nissin Instant cup noodles.

History of noodle, pros and cons

Noodles, pasta and macaroni; their names are different but they all are made from the same material. Noodles have become very common dish and got famous, especially kids like the noodles a lot.

It’s good that noodles are available in instant form these days and you can make them in less than 5 minutes. Let us discuss some facts of noodles.

China is considered to be the origin of noodles and after that it’s Japan because Japan has invented the instant cup noodles and brought the variety in noodles.

Now, all the countries have become the lover of noodles as all kind of people belongs to different countries likes to eat noodles.

There are many advantages of noodles as you can make them instantly, it tastes really good, they are less expensive and iron rich also but along with these advantages, there are some disadvantages also. Instant noodle is having some ingredient which can cause the cancer.

It contains a heavy amount of carbohydrates but no minerals, fiber and vitamins. So, use the instant noodles as refreshment sometimes but not on daily basis. It is the famous funny saying that *Girls and Noodles, both are same because both are zigzag in form* :p

Eat noodle, Be healthy!

When you talk about noodles, you will only hear delicious in return because kids, adults, youngsters, middle agers and older people, all like noodles a lot.

Mothers now a days, keep the noodles at home so that whenever their kids get hungry, they will cook noodles for them instantly.

It is good that kids do like the noodles and eat them easily without bothering their mothers but they should have a look at the heath advantages and disadvantages of noodles.

Excessive usage of noodles is not good for the health as it doesn’t contain any kind of healthy ingredients.

A body needs a balance of nutrients from fresh juices, meat, fish and other healthy stuff so use the noodles when you want to eat something tasty but not make them your daily meal.


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