Check out the Kewpie Mayo Ingredients & Composition Here! Wanna Try Kewpie Mayo Recipe @home?

The most loved Japanese recipe, the Kewpie Mayo, is just a magic from the tradition of the country. The right proportion of the Kewpie mayo ingredients makes it apt for any kind of food that those people eat.

It is evenly spread in layers over bread, salads, etc to bring out an extraordinary taste. The one who doesn’t know even the A, B, C’s of cooking can make delicious recipes with the Kewpie Mayo.

Let’s get started to explore the Kewpie mayo ingredients so that you can also try making it at your home! Surprisingly, most of the ingredients are natural and it’s not going to spoil our health!

Main Ingredients

The Kewpie mayo ingredients are chosen carefully and we wonder how perfectly they blend to come with a superb taste. The three main ingredients of Kewpie mayo are oil, egg yolk, and vinegar.

Almost 70% of the mayo has vegetable oil, and only the remaining 30% has egg yolks and vinegar. We should also note a thing here that the Kewpie mayo uses only egg yolks and not the whole egg.

The taste would definitely differ with respect to egg yolk or whole egg. So when you try preparing it at home, make sure that you add only the yolk of the egg as most people with the intention not wasting the egg white add it as a whole.

It’s going to give a rich flavor and a creamy texture to the final recipe. The company is keen on the quality of raw materials used and their motto is “we must not manufacture mayonnaise without high-quality ingredients”.

It is for this the Kewpie corporation ensures whether quality food is supplied to the hens and the eggs are sterilized before being used. At the time of delivery, the freshness, quality, and cleanliness of eggs are properly checked.

The company gets its vinegar from only verified producers and it inspects color, quality, and aroma of supplied vinegar every time. The finally tested and accepted vinegar is sent through pipes for the mayonnaise production.

The pipes are cleaned periodically to come up with a hygienically healthy product. The vegetable oil is tested in a similar manner and sent through a different channel of pipes for the production process.

Kewpie Mayo Types and Composition

The Kewpie mayo ingredients are quite similar in its two different varieties such as Japanese Style and Mild Type. The former is made from pure egg yolks and is rich in proteins.

The smooth, egg-flavored mayonnaise is a just like how we make it at home. Also, it contains no sugar but a few seasonings to give a tangy taste to the mayo.

This mayo has 659-kilocalories of energy per 100 ml, 2.4 g of protein, 71 g of fat, and 1.8 g of carbohydrate. The Mild type of Kewpie contain whole eggs and it is just as how mayo is made in western countries.

It is a better combination of snacks and salads. A few even say that it tastes great with Takoyaki i.e, Octopus. It has 738-kilocalories of energy per 100 ml, 1.9 g of protein, 78.1 g of fat, and 6.7 g of carbohydrate.


The perfect list of Kewpie mayo ingredients makes it suitable for even blunt dishes to make it yummy! The different varieties such as Japanese style and the Mild type is just to a difference in how they use eggs.

As per their composition, the difference is very little. The mayo fans of Japan, often called as Mayor would get whatever new product is released from the mayo brand.

This is the craziness that they show for mayonnaise and of course, it’s worth! You can try it at home as we have clearly specified the ingredients its composition.

Make sure you use only the best quality ingredients to get a similar taste. What else you need? just try it today!



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