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“The Mayo Terrace” kewpie doll museum, Why it’s Not Just Another Museum?

The word museum reminds us of those old-aged things and dusty appearances that could possible drags us to at least a century back.

But the Japans museums are little different as they even have it for cup noodles, dolls, cats, etc. They are so lively and are adorable by kids to look at their favorite items in a museum.

So the school trips to museums need not be as boring as watching the skeleton of extinguished species.

The Kewpie Doll Museum, popularly called the Mayo Terrace, is one such place and it is a must to watch when you visit Japan the next time!

The museum features the famous Kewpie Mayonnaise of Japan and it just showcases all its products at one place. It is located in Chofu, where the manufacturing processes are clearly explained.

The story of such a product is also shared with its fans and it is really a motivation for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Though the Kewpie dolls are targeted towards kids, the adults love to see the Kewpie Doll Museum, the Mayo Terrace!

Why Mayonnaise?

9823843703_633b8e81d2_kPhoto by Strawberries!!/Flickr
It is not that much surprising that the Japanese have a museum exclusively for mayonnaise, the Mayo Terrace.

But what triggers the question among people of other countries that why mayonnaise is that much popular there?

There is no specific answer to this question and also we can list out numerous answers that are corrected to the query.

The first reason for its popularity is that mayo is primarily a recipe invented by the Japanese and they love to eat it with all kinds foods. Of course, it tastes great and is loved by foreign people too!

The simple bread toasts can attain the taste of restaurant style bread toasts just by spreading a layer of mayo on it!

It is no wonder that the Japanese built the Kewpie Doll Museum, the Mayo Terrace, to show their interest towards the most loved recipe for their country!

The natural ingredients along with few salts make it be used for quite a few months and this usability is also another reason for the popularity.

Areas of Mayo Terrace

The Kewpie Doll Museum is designed in such a manner that it attracts people and keeps the place occupied at all days of a year.

Not only kids love to visit the place but people go there as families to spend their time in a more useful manner. It is really better to visit such interesting place rather than just sitting before the screen of theaters.

The Mayo Terrace has a main hall named as the Salad Hall, and it is painted with contrast colors such as red & white. The clean environment there is a perfect example of what we teach our kids for a pollution-free tomorrow.

There are also few interesting spots inside the Mayo Terrace museum and one among them is the “Mayonnaise Dome”. It is just a replica of a Kewpie Squeeze bottle and is made of wood.

You can go inside the bottle-shaped structure and the nice view is photographed by thousands of people every day!

There is also a place that just explains how the mayonnaise is made in their factory and it also explains the history of Kewpie mayonnaise to its fans.

It is a real wonder that even the lamps are designed in the shape of mayonnaise bottles and they look fabulous when lit.

If you visit there, never miss the “Kewpie Kitchen where you can actually make your own Kewpie mayo sauces and dressings. So it is not only just a treat for the eyes but also a feast for your tongue!


When people first hear of the Kewpie Doll Museum, the Mayo Terrace, they probably think it is just another boring museum!

But when they visit it once, they would never hold themselves without recommending it to others as a perfect picnic spot!

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