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Kewpie Doll Tattoos: Why Don’t it Earn you Millions ,as it Does to Many!

When something goes viral on the Internet or among the people, then the youth never leave it without tattooing the same! Some do it for a popularity and other as a passion.

Whatever the reason may be, what matters is that the tattoo is trending! The Kewpie doll tattoos also share a similar story of trending and people of all ages love to have it on their skins.

A few of them even place same Kewpie doll tattoos to represent their gang. So it can even be considered as a logo for a gang or a team of players.

No one gets angry when they see such an innocent Kewpie doll tattoos on the skin of their children as they are far better than the worst recent tattooed pictures!

It’s time to review the different kinds of such tattoos, the reason for the trend and whether is it fine to allow kids to bear those on their body!

The Kewpie on the Social Media

The popular social media featuring images such as Pinterest and Instagram showcases a range of such Kewpie doll tattoos on their web pages.

Most people wear it on their hands, especially, on their wrist. The skin on the wrist is much brighter and is less exposed to the sun. It is one of the reasons that the picture comes awesome when we place it there.

But it is not the only spot that people pick and they even print the same on their stomachs! It is really surprising, right! Still, more surprises await for those who aren’t much heard of such news!

A few people print the Kewpie doll tattoos on their arms just below the sleeves. So when they wear an outfit with a half-sleeve, it looks fantastic as if the sleeve is just continued down.

But it looks so only when the color of the tattoo matches your outfit’s color. So you can choose wisely to look beautiful and trendy with these Kewpie doll tattoos.

We came across a funny Kewpie tattoo that was just working hard representing the working class people. It was quite bringing smiles on almost every face that looked at it!

When babies try to do some job, who would just leave without appreciating it? The same happened to us too!

The Pop Star Culture

So far we just try to imitate few famous pop stars or film personalities. Have you ever heard that a doll trying to imitate such a thing? it’s awesome, right?

Yes, the Kewpie doll tattoos go a step further to imitate the costumes & looks of pop stars and celebrities. Those tattoos are simply adorable and loved by anyone at once they see it.

The twist on their appearance is what people expect to be different as well as similar! They are similar with respect to their charming, innocent looks and are different with respect to their pop star-like outfits.

These Kewpie doll images even help a lot of artists to be successful as kids illustrators. Millions of kids books are getting sold every month worldwide and a major share is owned by books with Kewpie images on it.

So the Kewpie dolls are just giving opportunities in every possible manner to its fans to earn their living. It is not a doll but a few see it as a divine creature!


Though the Kewpie doll was much popular in the early 19th century, it started losing its trend as years rolled by.

But once the Kewpie doll tattoos enter the market, the same support for the city started blooming! It is not just considered as an art but as a soul friend who is always with them on their skins.

The best part of Kewpie dolls is that it also feeds someone by providing opportunities for their living. Let’s not underestimate the power of common dolls but let us appreciate and learn the sustainable nature from these charming dolls!

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